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  • Jack Wilson

Why self love is important

Why is self love important?

What is self love anyways?

The dictionary describes the meaning of self love as being “regard for ones own well-being and happiness”

So how do we practice self love when we are surrounded by perfection?

Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect, perfect, perfect?

Today’s society idolizes and advertises perfection and somewhere along the way we start to believe that if we are as close to being perfect (in societies eyes) that ultimately, we will be happy.

If we were perfect, would we really be happier overall?

How many times have you arrived at a goal or achieved that goal, felt happy for a few days but before long were back at feeling unhappy with another aspect of your life.

So you go on and try to perfect that aspect and fall into this vicious cycle of perfection. It’s exhausting and so unhealthy for our well-being.

So let me tell you a little story.

I’m a mom and after nursing my daughter I felt that I needed an enhancement. (I’m sure you can relate) I felt I needed it in order to still feel sexy in front of my husband, I felt I needed it in order to be happy.

Postpartum depression and self confidence issues sank in and I was relentless that a boob job would give me my happiness back. So off I went.

Of course I was happy, but happy in general? Not at all. Just like I mentioned above, I was onto the next thing that would “make me happy”.

I’m onto the importance of self love soon, hear me out.

Fast forward 5 years and declining health and a hubby that was unfaithful. How could he? I had the “perfect” breasts.

What I’m about to share next, changed the projection of my life, about happiness and self love.

Here I was 29 years old, suffering from health issues almost bed ridden due to those exact breast implants. My body was fighting them off.

I just experienced a blessing in disguise because what I didn’t know at the time of the affair was that, that exact situation opened my eyes.

It opened my eyes to this fake perception of perfection and it’s link to happiness.

Perfecting ourselves wasn’t the key to happiness. SELF LOVE is our key to happiness.

I learned this the hard way, but I learnt it and the projection of my life from there on out has been blessed with happiness all because I started understanding self love.

Self love isn’t conceited. It’s about truly loving you for you. Just as you are, just as those around you, love you for you and you love them for them.

You are unique. There is nobody else like you in this world and thats pretty incredible.

Everything in life just flows so effortlessly when you let go of perfection, release that grip on perfection and just be you.

A few years ago after having my eyes opened to self love, I removed those toxic implants and have two huge scars on my chest to tell the story.

A constant reminder of what I’ve overcome. The day I surrendered to self love and let go the idolization of perfection.

The day I took my health back choosing quality of life over vanity.

Before having my eyes opened to self love, I would have never been able to remove those “perfect” implants but my mindset shifted and that’s all it takes.

Self love saved my life, improved my quality of life and is truly the secret to happiness.

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