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  • Jack Wilson

Why I jumped onto the Zyia Activewear Opportunity

Zyia is an activewear brand based out of Utah, USA. Their quality of clothing is comparable to high end brands like lululemon.

Their clothing has moisture control, temperature control, breathability, anti-oder properties, slimming and compression components.

Many women live in activewear these days. It give us a slimming look, makes our bums look nice and can be super stylish and comfortable.

Did you know that the activewear industry is estimated to reach 83 billion in revenue by the year 2020?

What is the Zyia Opportunity?

Zyia is the very first activewear direct sales company to date, which is a huge advantage for reps and ambassadors signing up.

Direct sales can sound slimy and some perceive it as a scam or pyramid scheme.

All direct sales is “selling products face to face, away from a retail store”

Basically products offered by direct selling companies are only offered by private business owners. Those products can’t be purchased at your local mall.

You’ve likely purchased products from friends by companies like Scentsy, Beachbody or Avon.

Your friends would be reps for those companies and would earn a commission for supplying you the product.

Good for you for supporting your friends, allowing them to supply you with a product you want while they support their family with your well appreciated business.

Direct sales have opened many doors for women (and men) all over North America, helping them to provide more financially for their families.

With the power of the internet and the power of online business, direct selling companies are booming.

I tried direct sales in the past.

Compared to other direct selling companies, Zyia is brand new. They are only 2 years old and growing rapidly.

There are only 2000 reps currently which means signing up with Zyia would put you in a very good position for growth, especially as the company launches into new territory, Canada.

You would be a ground level, founding ambassador, putting you at the top of your organization as Zyia grows exponentially.

I tried direct sales back in 2014 for a wellness and fitness company. It was legit.

I earned an extra $25,000 (on top of my dental hygiene salary) for helping people with their health and fitness.

{That’s not peanuts. That’s a good vacation, some house Reno’s or a good down payment on a car.

So when I say direct sales is the new way of the future, it’s legit. You just need to find what you’re passionate about.}

There were hundreds of thousands of reps and I felt it was extremely difficult to grow with that company.

There were quotas and autoships required that got stressful to attain after a while because there were so many reps.

So I gave it up.

I was disappointed because having my own online business gave me purpose and drive.

When I was approached by Zyia and seen their brand and quality. I was 100% in.

I LIVE in activewear. It’s my jam! I breath health and fitness and this was the perfect addition.

What’s the Zyia Difference?

Upon signing up as a rep/ambassador with Zyia, you’re going to get a bomber fitness jacket, tank top, sports bra, hat and water bottle PLUS a $200 Zyia gift card.

As a rep/ambassador you’ll get 25% off all products.

You’ll earn between 20-30+% commission on all sales, plus bonuses and trips.

Because they are newer company they give away amazing promos to qualified reps.

January, reps can earn a smart watch and pair of Nike runners.

There are NO quotas and NO autoships required. This was HUGE for me.

NO inventory needed. Everything is taken care of and shipped from our Zyia warehouse.

You can work at your own pace and run your business however you want. It’s all yours.

If you want to do parties great but if that’s not your thing that’s fine too, you can solely have your business online.

Personally parties aren’t my jam and I’ll be running my business solely online.

If you’re looking for more purpose, a way to add extra income to your household or just want a discount on activewear- reach out.

You can click HERE to fill out my intake form and I’ll be in contact to answer any questions you may have.

But, don’t wait too long. You’ll have a HUGE advantage by getting in now before the company explodes as it launches in just a short few weeks into Canada.

I’ll continue to openly share this journey with you and help inspire you as I move forward.

“If I was to be given a chance to start all over, I would choose direct sales.” —Bill Gates

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