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  • Jack Wilson

Watch This Epic Deadlift Battle As Pro Bodybuilder Owns Four Powerlifters

It appears that having a massive, bulky and shredded body isn’t enough. The thing that actually matters is challenging yourself to make it to the next level. Well, something similar happened in this epic deadlift battle that was put together by Strength Wars on their YouTube channel. It shows a pro bodybuilder who owned four powerlifters in the backyard and they are simply clueless about what happened.

Epic Deadlift Battle

Well, they all started with 330 pounds weight and did four reps. So far, it went great and smooth. The bodybuilder Dorian then deadlifted 375 pounds and performed 3 reps and so did the other powerlifters.

However, as they went for the 530 pounds deadlifts, most of them weren’t able to deadlift while the bodybuilder was doing it like hell.

They further increased the weight to 570 pounds and the bodybuilder deadlift was successful while others were owned.

And throughout the battle, the bodybuilder Dorian was always ahead of others.

When the real battle began, powerlifters Romano, Kevin, Dennis, and Tetzel started the deadlifts. Here were the number of reps they slammed out:

  1. Romano: 13

  2. Kevin: 8

  3. Dennis: 5

  4. Tetzel: 3

Well, there was a powerlifter who surpassed Romano and performed 16 reps but then came bodybuilder Dorian. Using the conventional deadlift technique, he did 19 reps and it was unbelievable. Do check out the video.

We really enjoyed it. Did you?

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