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  • Jack Wilson

WATCH: Calum von Moger Knows How to Party

Calum von Moger knows how to live it up, period. He has seemed to find the perfect balance between enjoying life to the fullest all while making gains.

His lifestyle is something quite reminiscent of the Golden Era bodybuilders; they knew how to train hard but they also knew how to enjoy the many other aspects of life.

Finding a perfect balance between gym, family, social, and work obligations isn’t at all that easy. But once you find it, your whole life changes for the better.

Calum is known for being an adventurous gains maker. In his YouTube videos, you’ll see him burning up rubber with his bike, Vonzilla and just getting up to all sorts of business.

Be that as it may, this guy knows how to have fun, and in his most recent expedition, Calum headed over to Greece to add more stories to his tale.

In his trip to Greece, von Moger does a series of vlogs which he compiled into one video, and I do say, he had an interesting trip.

Apart from “picking girls up in Greece”, he does also film a chest workout that he had in a pretty sweet, old school gym. Out of the entire video, the gym what made me want to go to Greece.

Apart from his shenanigans, the chest workout was also quite entertaining to watch — as are most his videos.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did!

What do you think of his trip? Should Calum calm down or should he just go balls to the walls? Is his trip something that you would like to do? Let us know!

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