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  • Jack Wilson

Try Out These St. Patrick’s Week Treadmill Workouts

Most of us know that a healthy mix of cardio and strength training is best for an effective workout. Oftentimes, the most difficult part about this concept is scheduling these two healthful elements into your daily life. That’s why we’ve put together three hardcore treadmill workouts for you to try this St. Patrick’s week along with your regular strength training regime.

We love the treadmill because you can customize your workouts based on your specific needs. Slow down, speed up, incline, incline some more—you get the idea. It’s a great way to run with your friends without having to worry about whether or not you can keep up with them since that neighboring treadmill is always right beside you and not really going anywhere!

So, grab your workout buddy, and celebrate with our St. Patrick’s Day Treadmill Workouts!

Cruise, More, Max.

First things first, we need to explain what everything in these workouts mean. In Team Training (the classes that inspired these workouts), we work in three different areas: endurance, strength and power. If you finish all three this week, you will have worked on all three areas. Within team training workouts, you are going to see three paces: Cruise (jog), More (run) and Max (sprint). Below is a chart to show you the paces based on your current activity level. Beginners should start at Power Walker. If you are used to running, start at Jogger. Most people either start at Power Walker or Jogger and work their way up to Runner. 

In the workouts below, we changed the names to jog, run and walk. However, as with anything, you should work at your own pace. The pace card above should be helpful in finding out where you currently are at. So, start from the beginning and see what feels best for your fitness level.

St. Patrick’s Treadmill Week Workouts

Breathe Through the Treadmill Workouts

Remember, breathing is very important. If you find that you can’t go any further, get back down into your recovery pace, and then pick back up when you can. It’s OK. These workouts are just a guideline, so use your best judgement and go at your pace. Your safety is the most important thing to us. Listen to your body.

Once you finish, find someone in the gym and give them a big, sweaty high-five! Why not? There’s nothing better than celebrating our successes!

Now get out there and run, run, run, you lucky leprechauns!

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