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  • Jack Wilson

Transgender Bodybuilder Sets Sights On Mr Olympia

A 20-year-old bodybuilder from Texas, USA, started hormone therapy 3 years ago.

In the midst of all the news coming from the fitness industry, here’s one that you probably haven’t seen before…

Ajay Holbrook is the man looking to make history in the sport. He spent 16 years of his life as a female (named Ambeia Jane), but decided to undertake hormone replacement therapy on the 22nd September 2014.

After become accustomed to his new body, Ajay embarked on his fitness journey at the age of 18.

However, his reason for working out comes from a dark place. He said: “I was actually physically abused by a relative at the time and I never wanted to feel that defenseless again. 

He continued; So I began working out to be able to defend myself and not feel so helpless.”

Gaining over 19kg in 2 years

With Ajay’s mother being an experienced personal trainer, he had all the help he needed to make progress on his fitness goals.

In fact, it took him only 2 years to gain an impressive amount of lean muscle mass; he went from weighing 18.9kg, to 69.2kg, being able to bench 139kg and squat 142kg.

On his transformation, Ajay said: “I can look in the mirror for the first time in my life and love who I see staring back at me. I am more confident, I am happy and no longer miserable.

“I look forward to waking up every day and am able to deal with life’s everyday troubles a lot more efficiently. I no longer want to die, but only want to live as much as I possibly can.”

Aiming to become the 1st transgender Mr Olympia Winner

Phil Heath has taken the headlines after the recent Mr Olympia show. And rightly so, as he managed to secure his place in history by matching the achievement by the Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But Ajay Holbrook could cement his place in the record books for a different reason in the future.

The 20-year-old said that he wanted to pave the way for other transgender men, by taking home the Mr. Olympia trophy or placing respectably.

He said: “I want to leave behind a legacy for all transgender individuals and compete in the biggest bodybuilding competition as the first transgender man.”

Haters Gon’ Hate Bro

While Ajay’s accomplishments are pretty impressive, he’s received a lot of verbal abuse. Despite being proud of his transformation, the 20-year-old from Texas states that his family still finds it difficult to understand his new appearance.

He said: “A lot of my family does not understand what it means to be transgender therefore do not accept me, and I just keep my distance from them.”

Ultimately, people will always be afraid of what’s not considered ‘normal’. But looking at the pictures of Ajay, he’s looking stacked and shredded, so we can see why he’s happy when looking at his reflection.

“I can look in the mirror for the first time in my life and love who I see staring back at me. I am more confident, I am happy and no longer miserable.” – Ajay Holbrook

Fair play.