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  • Jack Wilson

TRAINING: Seth Feroce Shows You How to Properly T-Bar Row

Seth Feroce, known for his openness and no BS attitude towards everything in life. Feroce holds nothing back, including training tips that he uses to build the incredible physique that he has.

People misunderstand how to perform certain, if not all, exercises in the gym. They go in, perform the movement and think that what they’ve just done is going to add size to whichever muscle they just trained.

All the while, doing pulldowns, they were pulling the bar down using their rear delts instead of using their lats. Is it any wonder why some guys have huge shoulders and no back?

In cases like that, the trainer is either uneducated about movements and which muscles they should work, or they just don’t have the mind-muscle connection that’s needed to effectively target the muscle being trained.

The muscles of the back are one of them. You think you might be working on your lats, meanwhile, it’s your traps and upper back muscles doing the work.

Training without the needed mind-muscle connection can bring forth frustrating results, even more so when you’re training for mass and want to get a weak spot to grow.

Thankfully bodybuilding pros now have an outlet to their fans. Social media has created a solid platform for which these pros utilize to educate these fans to help them get out of their sticking points.

On that note, here’s a video of Feroce going into great detail, explaining how to properly execute the T-bar row.

The T-bar row has always been a personal favorite of mine for add that freaky mass to my lats, and now that I’ve transitioned into powerlifting, I feel that they have a real good carry over effect on my deadlifts and bench press.

Do you use the T-bar row in your training? What has your experience with this exercise been like? Let us know in the comments!

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