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  • Jack Wilson

The 2017 Arnold Classic Results Are In!

As on of the largest sports festivals draws near to an end, crowns of victory have been bestowed upon new heads in Columbus, Ohio.

While there may be a myriad of sports events happening in the duration of the Arnold Sports Festival, the main attraction is always featured on a Saturday — the Arnold Classic.

For years, the Arnold Classic has been the title to win if you really wanted to establish your name in the world of bodybuilding.

And so, this past Saturday, Cedric McMillan was the man to do so.

McMillan bested the mass monster, Dallas McCarver, for first place, and rightfully so. Compared to all the competitors who took the stage, McMillan looked like an absolute machine — something reminiscent of the 90s era of bodybuilding.

Without prolonging any further…

Arnold Classic 2017 Results:

Open Bodybuilding Results

1st Cedric McMillan

2nd Dallas McCarver

3rd Maxx Charles

4th Lionel Beyeke

5th Juan Morel

212 Bodybuilding Results

1st Ahmad Ashkanani

2nd David Henry

3rd Jose Raymond

4th Guy Cisternino

5th Zane Watson

Men’s Physique Results

1st Ryan Terry

2nd Andre Ferguson

3rd Brandon Hendrickson

4th George Brown

5th Jeremy Potvin

Wheelchair Results

1st Harold Kelley

2nd Gabriele Andriulli

3rd Danielle Minster

4th Adelfo Cerame, Jr.

5th Antoni Khadraoui

Bikini Results

1st Angelica Teixeira

2nd Courtney King

3rd Jennifer Ronzitti

4th Janet Layug

5th India Paulino

Figure Results

1st Candice Lewis

2nd Cydney Gillon

3rd Latorya Watts

4th Camala Rodriguez

5th Gennifer Strobo

Women’s Physique Results

1st Daniely Castilho

2nd Sheronica Henton

3rd Heather Grace

4th Brooke Walker

5th Autumn Swansen

Fitness Results

1st Oksana Grishina

2nd Regiane Da Silva

3rd Whitney Jones

4th Bethany Wagner

5th Fiona Harris

Photos courtesy of Flex Online.

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