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Testosterone Booster with No Side Effects | Safe and Legal

There’s no greater feeling than the supercharged effect that balls full of testosterone gives you.

From muscle-splitting lean mass and shredded abs, to unrivaled energy. Testosterone will turn you from a weak walkover to a lean, mean, bar-bending machine.

But the last thing you want are side effects.

There’s no point in having a huge muscular back if you can’t take your shirt off because of the volcano ‘bacne‘ across your traps.

Or fear of showing off your chest because post-cycle gyno has left you victim to bitch tits and crying like a sniveling little girl.

Do you want to be the guy who’s scared to get changed after his workout because his balls resemble peas in a meat cradle?

No of course not.

It’s not nice to get called Johnny small balls by your buds.

That’s why you need a testosterone booster with no side effects.

Why is Testosterone Important?

If you were to package up masculinity in chemical form it’d be testosterone.

Plain and simple, it’s this hormone that makes you everything you are. From your chiseled jaw and deep voice to your broad shoulders, imposing stature and thick, muscular physique.

As as anabolic, androgenic hormone, testosterone forms one of five natural steroid hormones.

It’s made in your testes, but production is stimulated in specialized areas of the brain called the hypothalamus and pituitary.

Your body makes it own testosterone

As soon as you hit puberty your hormone levels hit the roof. All of those late nights trying to find porn on those sh*itty free channels and those awkward boners throughout your late teens and twenties were fueled by testosterone.

The way in which your body produces anabolic hormones during this time is pretty much perfect.

It’s a good time.

But for many men it doesn’t last.

Testosterone production slows down after 30

Once you’re out of your 20’s your natural production of hormones begins to taper off.

After you hit 30 you might have noticed that things started to trail off. The lean muscular body you once wore as a badge of honor was slowly replaced with belly fat and man boobs.

You feel tired more than usual and you just can’t get motivated.

Your energy levels are on their ass and sex is more of a chore than an opportunity to show off your skills.

The way in which your brain triggers anabolic hormone release after 30 just isn’t as effective. This can leave your testes with no fuel for the fire.

The result? Less testosterone in your blood.

And that’s pretty shitty is isn’t it?

Steroids cause serious side effects

In the past, many men you chose to take synthetic steroids or prohormones to pump fake testosterone into their bodies.

And while the muscle gains, strength and effects on physical performance were great, the side effects were both serious and common.

Full on man boobs:

Gynecomastia is a real issue for steroid users. After you finish your cycle, your breast tissue grows due to an increase in estrogen levels.

Increased risk of heart disease:

Prolonged use of synthetic anabolics leads to all kinds of fu*cked up vascular side effects. From high blood pressure and excessive renal pressure, to peripheral vascular resistance, cardiac hypertrophy and a drop in heart contractility.

There’s also an increased risk in other heart disease conditions too but we can’t even pronounce them, let alone spell them on here.

Limp dick syndrome:

Steroid use leads to reduced sperm count, poor fertility and smaller testes. You’ll also experience a rapid, let’s just say ‘drop’, in erection strength, sex drive and bedroom performance too.

And that’s all down to a rapid decrease in testosterone once you stop using them.

You’ll turn into a jackass:

Aggression, mood swings and addictive personality are also common characteristics for steroid users. Even small doses have been found to increase anger and general ass-hat behavior.

Depression and anxiety:

Research is full of case stud after case study of bodybuilders that have suffered crippling depression, manic episodes an schizophrenia.

Severe acne and skin issues:

You can usually tell a steroid user by the purple welts and acne across their face, chest and back.

Avoid Steroids and Use a Testosterone Booster to Cancel out Side Effects

If you want to keep your testosterone levels as high as they can be, you don’t have to go down the synthetic route.

Building a bit more muscle and strength just isn’t worth risking heart disease, huge man breast and a floppy pecker. It’s not a good look – even if some girl wants to sleep with your flabby gyno ass you’ll not be able to get it up anyway.

But there is an alternative that works.

More and more athletes, bodybuilders and men like you are opting to ditch the side effects and go with a high-quality, all-natural testosterone booster instead.

What are testosterone boosters and how do they work?

Test boosters are supplements packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients proven to increase testosterone in the most robust clinical trials.

There are no side effects because you are pumping your body full of synthetic hormones. Test boosters elevate hormone levels in 3 different ways:

  1. Instead of fake hormones, test boosters encourage your brain to produce more hormones.

  2. They directly stimulate the Leydig cells of your testes to make more of anabolic hormones.

  3. Test boosters inhibit the proteins in your blood from skimming off the extra testosterone, therefore keeping your blood testosterone levels high.

Not all test boosters are made the same though, and there are a few ingredients you should look for when buying your supplement.

Get it wrong and you’ll be left with an expensive multivitamin.

But get the right ingredients and you’ll be a stronger, leaner, more athletic sex god who both looks and feels awesome. 

Here’s what you need in your booster:

  1. Vitamin D3 – a fat-soluble vitamin often referred to as the ‘sixth steroid hormone’. Research has shown that it boosts muscle mass, improves recovery from intense exercise, reduces the risk of heart disease and puts your hormone levels through the roof.

  2. D-Aspartic acid – this amino acid is a clinical revelation for male hormone support. It’s been shown to elevate test levels, even during periods of hard training.

  3. Magnesium – a mineral normally associated with its potent calming effect, mood boosting and muscle recovery, magnesium also supercharges hormone levels.

  4. Zinc – whether it’s a standalone mineral ingredient or part of the phenomenally effective oyster extract, zinc is used by pro athletes to increase athleticism and sports performance.

There are no side effects with testosterone boosters

Because they are optimally dosed, test boosters don’t hit you with side effects like SARMs, prohormones or straight up steroids do.

They provide all of the benefits, with none of the risk.

You don’t even need to take an estrogen blocker afterwards either.

Which are the Best Testosterone Boosters with No Side Effects?

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