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  • Jack Wilson

Strengthen Your Core & Improve Stability with Pilates Classes

If you’re hoping to improve your overall health and wellness, Pilates offers an effective low-intensity program. The exercises are both beneficial and feasible for individuals of all fitness levels. In fact, Pilates is a great way to begin exercising if you’ve been on the couch for a while. It’s also the perfect transition back into a fitness regimen if you’ve been sick or injured. On the other hand, top athletes benefit from Pilates by building the core strength they need to improve their abilities. Another plus for Pilates is that it’s the perfect exercise to take in a group setting. When you take the Pilates journey with others, you feel less stress and anxiety about the process and get to enjoy a unique fellowship based on motivation. Pilates offers a number of health benefits, but arguably the most important is the fact that it delivers significant improvements to core strength.

Pilates Basics

Developed by German physical-culturist Joseph Pilates, the Pilates system of exercise is one of the most popular in the world, with 14,000 instructors in the United States alone. One of the reasons for Pilates’ popularity is the fact that it is very easily modified. It can be as easy or difficult as you need it to be based on your physical capabilities, experience, and fitness goals. Pilates instructors are often extremely well versed in how to modify Pilates techniques for individuals’ needs, which is one of the reasons why group Pilates classes offer such a tremendous benefit. If you try to do Pilates on your own with a DVD or Internet workout video, you won’t get the benefit of personal advice from an instructor and other students who have been at it longer.

Core Capabilities

One of the primary benefits of Pilates is that it strengthens your body’s core. Your core is the part of your body surrounded by your diaphragm, lower back, pelvis, and abdominal wall. A strong, stable core can help you improve your coordination, flexibility, and movement. With improved core strength comes increased physical ability, so by doing Pilates, you’ll train your body to handle higher intensity workouts that can help you burn calories, build muscle, and improve your overall wellbeing. If you’re an athlete, strengthening your core can help you perform better on the court or field.

More Movement

In addition to strengthening your core, Pilates prepares you to work out longer and harder by teaching you to move. Pilates creates body awareness. By stretching and manipulating your body in many different ways, you’ll begin to understand how it moves naturally, what movements you’re good at, and which ones challenge you. This understanding can prepare you to make modifications when necessary in other exercise environments. It can also teach you about what areas of your body need a little work. Finally, body awareness can help you align your mind with your body when it comes to physical achievements. When you know what’s causing you to have difficulty with an exercise or movement, you’ll be able to train your mind to focus on this issue and overcome it.

Group Gains

If you’re going to take the plunge and start Pilates, there’s no better place than in a group environment.Working out in a group exercise class provides extra motivation because everyone works toward the same goal. You’ll encourage your classmates as they encourage you. If you’re having difficulty with a particular movement or exercise, by working together, you and your peers are sure to figure it out. Because Pilates is geared toward individuals of all ability levels, most Pilates groups are diverse, providing the opportunity for veterans to encourage and coach beginners.

Finally, if you choose to do Pilates in a group environment, you’ll have the added benefit of an instructor whose job is to provide both motivation and feedback. Whether you work out every day or you haven’t been to the gym in several years, Pilates just might be the perfect exercise for you. The focus on strength, core, flexibility, and movement will make you a better, stronger athlete. When you do Pilates in a group environment at your gym, you’ll get even more out of the practice as you work with your peers to achieve results.