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  • Jack Wilson

See How This African Beast Got Buff Without Supplements

People often tend to make excuses when it comes to hitting the gym. Sometimes, we just don’t have that perfect state of mind to go. Other times, we are too fatigued from the last workout, so we skip the gym, especially when it comes to leg day. We think if only we had access to better gyms with cutting-edge equipment and greater facilities, none of those days would have been avoided.

Agreed, it is difficult to be a regular at the gym and maintain a clean diet, but wait until you hear the story of Kulbila Samuel, the African bodybuilder from a small village in Ghana who lifts in a homemade gym without any air conditioning, supplements and without any proper gym equipment. Watch your motivation to work out reach a whole new level.

Samuel started working out at the age of 21, and it was his friend, Reginald Okyere Mintah, who took him to the gym on September 15th, 2011. Samuel says he is still very grateful to that guy for showing him the path of fitness, which changed his life completely.

In fact, after working out for the first day, Samuel got cramps and decided not to hit the gym again, but Reginald motivated him to come to the gym again the very next day. This was just the start.

When it comes to cardio, Kulbila is not much different than us and is afraid that cardio might make him lose his gains, so he keeps it to a minimum, two days a week to be precise, and it mostly involves jogging and jumping rope. In fact, when he wants to burn fat, he starts working out two times a day.

Other than gymming, he does temporary jobs as a laborer at construction sites for his source of funds. At times, it is his physique that helps him in getting jobs as a bouncer. Samuel is also a sponsored athlete of an apparel company called “SeriousAboutLifting”.

Well, he truly deserves that tag, that’s for sure.

So now the question comes down to how Samuel attained such an impressive physique with no supplements at all. He says all he focuses on is his food, and this may be a shock, but Samuel doesn’t even follow ‘If It Fits Your Macros(IIFYM)’ and still has only 10% body fat percentage. We’re sure you would be interested in his diet, so read on to find out what he eats on a near-daily basis.

For his first meal, he has ”hausa koko” and “koosay” (millet porridge and beans balls). Coming to meal number two, it includes six egg whites, two bananas and slightly cooked oats. His third meal consists of rice, yam, plantain or “eba,” and his cocoyam leaves sauce with smoked fish such as tuna, catfish, salmon and more avocados.

For his fourth meal, he just changes the cocoyam sauce and replaces it with tomato stew, two whole boiled eggs and green beans with respect to his meal number three.

When he lifts in the gym, Samuel transforms into an absolute beast. He believes in heavy compound movements and loves to lift with his music on listening mostly to Afro-pop and hip-hop.

Samuel is also known in the fitness industry by his nickname “Titanium,” which is based on one his favourite songs of the same name by David Guetta. His first bodybuilding competition took place in 2014, which was called the “2014 Man Ghana National Championship,” where he placed 3rd in the middleweight category.

Samuel has an ambition of making natural bodybuilding famous in Ghana and also be a source of motivation to empower everybody across the globe.

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