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  • Jack Wilson

Losing weight did change me – I am not the same person

Last updated on September 1st, 2018 at 10:31 pm

Whenever the conversation of weight loss comes up, there is a divide when it comes to whether you become a different person. Some people will say that they are totally different and the person they were before almost feels like a stranger and other people will say that they are still the same person, all that has changed is their size.

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Equally, our family and friends have a difference in opinion on this topic of our weight loss. Some will say we are the same as we always were and others will say we are like a different person – for the better or worse.

Of course this is a very individual thing, but for me, I am a completely different person – in so many ways. When I post before and after photos, I often say that the before picture looks like someone I don’t even know and people will think I am bashing my former self and comment saying “but you are still the same person”. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, I am not that same person. Sure, that person had so many amazing qualities and was still beautiful, but she was unhappy and she made some very, very bad choices when it come to her health. For that, I am so thankful that I have changed.

Some of my “friends” during my weight loss saw the change as a negative thing. Losing weight meant that I could no longer go out partying and drinking every night and then stuffing my face with fast food after. I still wanted to go out and enjoy myself, but I could not longer be the reckless person I was. They saw that as me being boring. Needless to say that they are no longer a part of my life.

Other friends, and my family, the people who are still in my life today and really matter, saw all the positive changes. They can see how much happier I am now and my health is no longer a concern.

There is no way that I couldn’t be a different person. The “old me” spent the majority of the day sat down, apart from regular trips to the kitchen.  The old me suffered from anxiety and depression and there was a whole year where I was too anxious to even do things like go to the bank or post office – but husband did it all for me. The old me ate through all her feelings and cried when she had to buy new clothes, because nothing fit. She also hated what she saw in the mirror and she was sick of being invisible to people (strange, when you consider my size). Then I look at how I am now. Despite sitting down most of the day for my job, I am very active. I am always up and down from my chair (mainly to get water and to then go to the toilet because of all the water). I workout 5-6 days a week and on my rest day I still go for a walk or something. I cook everything myself, I don’t deal with my emotions by eating and despite still having moments where I think “oh my god – nothing fits/nothing looks good” (I am human after all), trying on clothes feels like Christmas. Although I don’t think the anxiety will ever totally go, it doesn’t control my life like it used to.

I lost 100lbs, I am now healthy and I have made peace with my body and food. How can I not be a different person?

My personality has changed too, I think it is a given that it will when you change your lifestyle. My priorities have changed. Going out and drinking used to be what my life revolved round and now my life is much more balanced. It doesn’t revolve round everything, but includes work, good food (sometimes junk, mostly healthy), time with the people I love, workouts and generally being happy. Of course there are still some parts of my personality that have not changed. I am still just as “quirky” (my husbands words – I think it is a nice way of saying weird), my main mission in life is still to help other people, I am still just as fun (but in a different way) and I still LOVE food.

But I am different. I completely changed my life. Change does not have to be a bad thing. It doesn’t mean the person you were before was a bad person – it just means you are different. I am different. I did change. The big difference is I am very happy and healthy now.

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