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Lemon Squares

Last updated on August 12th, 2019 at 01:42 pm

An easy and healthy desserts, these Lemon Squares are delicious! These slices of zesty lemony goodness are hard to resist.

I am not usually much of a lemon dessert person – I would always choose chocolate over anything, so I don’t think I ever gave lemon desserts a chance but I am converted! Okay, it is not like I am going to always choose a lemon dessert instead of a chocolate one now, but the taste of a lemon dessert is just so much lighter. I’m in love!

A few weeks back I asked on the Facebook page what Christmas recipes you wanted me to create healthier versions of and a lot of you asked for lemon squares. I have never had one before, so I Googled it and I can see why you all wanted a healthier version of it – so much butter and sugar in all the recipes I found. I really wanted to give a good and healthier recipe to you as so many people asked for one, but I was a little worried about how it would turn out when it did have so much butter and sugar in it. I was sure that I could make a healthier version of it, but whether it would be full of flavour or not was a different matter.

Anyway, I made this today and despite not having tried an unhealthy lemon square, these taste so good. They are buttery and sweet and they have a spongy, yet gooey texture. Once again, these are going to have to go straight into the freezer in individual portions, otherwise I fear I may eat the whole lot.

How to make these Lemon Squares – Serves 15 :

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Lemon Squares

An easy and healthy desserts, these Lemon Squares are delicious! These slices of zesty lemony goodness are hard to resist.

Prep Time10 mins

Cook Time40 mins

Total Time50 mins

Course: Dessert

Cuisine: British, Christmas

Keyword: cake bar, healthy cake, lemon bars, lemon cake, lemon dessert

Servings: 15 servings

Calories: 114kcal

Author: Dannii


food processor

10x8" baking tin


  1. 100 g pitted dates

  2. 8 tbsp water

  3. 1 tbsp honey

  4. 100 g almonds

  5. 80 g whole wheat flour

  6. 30 g butter

  7. 3 tbsp Greek yoghurt

  8. 2 eggs (whole)

  9. 2 egg yolks

  10. 1 lemon (juice and zest only)

UK measures - US measures


Put the dates and water in a food processor and blend until a paste/syrup

Mix together the butter and yoghurt and honey and then stir in the date syrup.

Beat in 2 of the eggs and then just the yolks from the other 2 eggs. Add the zest and the juice of the lemon and stir.

Put the almonds in a food processor and blend until they turn to a flour consistency.

Add the almonds and the flour to the rest of the mixture and stir until it is all combined.

Grease a 10x8" pan and pour the mixture in.

Bake at 200C/380F for 40-45 minutes. Leave to cool and then cut into 15 pieces.


Serving: 1square | Calories: 114kcal | Carbohydrates: 12g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 6g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 52mg | Sodium: 26mg | Potassium: 131mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 6g | Vitamin A: 116IU | Vitamin C: 4mg | Calcium: 34mg | Iron: 1mg

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