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  • Jack Wilson

How to stay fit during the holiday season

With the holidays fast approaching and all the yummy Christmas treats everywhere you look, it’s tempting to just go all in binge on everything in sight.

While at the same time you want to fit into your Christmas dress and you’re already planning New Years Resolutions.

So here are some key ideas to keep in mind while enjoying the holidays to the fullest but at the same time keeping your fitness goals in mind.

1)Eliminate the diet

Don’t get caught up in dieting. You’ll enjoy the holiday season much more.

Instead focus on lifestyle change. There’s less pressure that way. Choose healthy options 90% of the time and enjoy those festive treats the other 10%.

Diets don’t allow room for treats. Lifestyle changes do.

2)Keep yourself a priority

You don’t need to hit the gym 7 days a week for hours at a time.

Take the pressure off yourself. This time of year is busy but at the same time we may get more time off work due to the holidays.

Use that time off to focus on you. Don’t worry, hitting the gym 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes each session is just fine.

3)Stay hydrated

Drink a glass of water upon weakening is a good way to jump start your metabolism and flush toxins.

Before a big meal drink a glass of water and continue to drink water during your meal.

Your brain can sometimes confuse thirst with hunger so by not staying hydrated you’re more likely to consume more calories via food

And lastly

4)Don’t stress

The holidays are all about enjoying your time with family and friends. It only comes around once a year.

Enjoy yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself. Remember it’s a lifestyle change and you can get back into the groove of things the next week.

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