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  • Jack Wilson

How To Order a Healthier Takeaway

Last updated on January 27th, 2019 at 04:47 pm

Are you thinking about ordering a takeaway this weekend? Nothing wrong with that! You can still enjoy a takeaway and make healthy choices. We are sharing our favourite healthy takeaway orders and some little swaps you can make to save calories.

Healthy Takeaway

If you are trying to make some healthier changes, that doesn’t mean you have to cut out takeaway. Simply make some swaps, try something different and you can save yourself a lot of calories and still enjoy your favourite weekend meal.


Pizza is probably one of the most popular foods to order. Popular with especially students and kids, there is usually a pizza that everyone can enjoy as there is so much choice. Although it is not one of the healthiest foods, you can make it healthier. Ordering a thin crust is the best way to start.

The base does not have much flavour anyway, it is all in the toppings, so keep it thin. Always remember that you can order off the menu, so don’t be afraid to ask. Most pizza comes dripping in cheese, so ask them to go light on the cheese.

My favourite way to make pizza a little healthier is to make sure it is piled high with veggies. You can always go for a half and half if the person you are ordering with wants something more calorific.


Indian food can actually much healthier than people think it is. Most people go straight for creamy curries (don’t get me wrong, they are amazing) and are missing out on the other delights that you can order. My healthy Indian choice is always tandoori chicken – it’s perfectly cooked and full of flavour.

Add a little bit of mint yoghurt with it and YUM! More and more places are now offering brown rice, but you could always cook up your own to go with it. If your local Indian takeaway has it, order a onion salad – they are so, SO good, and low in calories.

We usually order the basics, like meat and rice/potatoes from the takeaway and cook up our own vegetables to go with it.


It’s probably best to avoid anything with the word crispy in it, as it’s usually deep fried. Instead, go for steamed dishes or stir fries and try to stick to the vegetarian options, or get a side of veg to mix in to it.

Middle Eastern

Kebabs were a staple when I was a student, but think back to the ones that I used to eat makes me feel a little bit queasy. Most Middle Eastern takeaways will offer some kind of chicken kebab that you can have packed full of salad. Skip the creamy sauce and get chilli sauce on it instead and maybe cut the naan in half (if it usually huge) and you have yourself a fairly balanced meal. For a takeaway anyway.

Middle Eastern restaurants usually have lots of great side salads on offer too, so fill up on those. You can get some hummus and dip carrot and cucumber in it, or there are lots of grilled meat options.

Fish and Chips

Add some mushy peas or beans to your order for some fibre, and fill up on those first. Chips are a must when it comes to going to the chippy, but try to eat the thicker chips, as they absorb less fat. Half the portion of chips too, as they are HUGE and ask them not to add any salt.

If you can, have the fish coated in breadcrumbs rather than batter. However, if it does come with batter, you could always remove half or all of it.

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