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  • Jack Wilson

How to Beat the Heat in Tucson and Still Get a Good Workout

If you live in Tucson, AZ, there’s one thing that you’ve come to expect about summer – it will be hot. With temperatures typically over 100 degrees, Tucson summers often make exercising outside uncomfortable and unsafe. During the June-July monsoon season, high humidity added to already hot temperatures makes it tough to work up a sweat without feeling sick. With all that heat, and the pouring rain that often hits each July, starting and maintaining a regular workout routine can be a major challenge. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to stay fit without succumbing to heat exhaustion.

Stay Cool at the Pool

Both indoors and outside, pools provide a great way to accomplish some aerobic exercise when it’s too hot to even think about jogging or playing a land sport. Swimming provides a total body workout that exercises your arms, legs, and torso. It’s also a great way to build strength in these areas while burning calories – over 600 per workout if you weigh 150 pounds and swim intensely for an hour. If you’re new to exercise, swimming is a great choice because it’s low impact, fun, and a good way to get in a great workout without actually feeling like you’re working out – you’ll feel like you’re cooling down.

Have Fun at Fitness Class

Working out alone is sometimes necessary, and many people enjoy the “me” time, but taking a group class can be a great way to stay motivated. Gyms can provide you with a long list of fitness classes – Zumba, aerobics, mixed martial arts, strength training, and spin, to name just a few. These specialized classes typically use upbeat music and a friendly group environment to get you motivated and raise your heart rate. Indoors at an air conditioned gym, fitness classes provide relief from the overwhelming Tucson heat.

Run from the Heat

Do you love your morning run but hate how exhausted you feel after attempting it in the Tucson sun? There’s no need to give up running because of the oppressive heat. Most gyms have a large number of treadmills and cardio equipment that are perfect for runners who don’t want to get out of shape in the hot season. At an air-conditioned facility, you’ll be much more comfortable as you run. This added comfort allows you to run faster and harder. Another benefit of running at a gym is access to weight machines. Good runners are strong runners. By strengthening your leg muscles, you’ll improve your endurance and time. At the gym, you can use the weight machines before heading to the indoor track for a cool run indoors – with perfectly regulated air conditioning!

Overcome the Heat by Working Out at Night

If you love your outdoor workouts and hate when weather and heat make them impossible, there is a solution. The nights in Tucson are generally milder than the days. Without the blazing sun and thick humidity, Tucson nights are ripe for a workout. By joining a gym with flexible hours, you can make the most of nice summer nights without sacrificing your workout – even if it’s too hot or the weather looks bad. If you wait until evening and the weather is good, go for a run or do some yoga outside. If the weather is bad, head to the gym.

In the intense Tucson heat, there are days when an outdoor workout is dangerous. However, that doesn’t mean you must sacrifice your love of the great outdoors or your exercise. A gym in Tucson will offer many flexible options that can help you stay fit while dealing with the weather debacle. Some even have outdoor fitness areas for when the weather is good. Don’t let a hot sun get you off course when it comes to your workout – get a gym membership!