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  • Jack Wilson

How healthy is sushi?

Last updated on September 1st, 2018 at 10:32 pm

Most of us are under the impression that sushi is healthy. It’s a lot of fish, and fish is healthy, so sushi must be healthy too, right? Some of it can be healthy and a great lunch choice if you are trying to lose some weight, but it varies depending on how it is prepared. So, how can you enjoy sushi as part of a calorie controlled diet? How healthy is sushi? Follow these tips:

–          Ask if you can have brown rice instead of sushi rice. More and more places are now doing this, but you may have to ask if they don’t have it on the menu.

–          Start the meal off with miso soup. Most sushi places have free refills, so not only does it work out to be cost effective, it will fill you up so you don’t over eat on other things. But don’t overdo it on the miso, as it can be high in sodium.

–          Avoid the deep-fried tempura. One prawn tempura roll (fried prawn) can have upwards of 500 calories.

–          Avoid any of the rolls that have mayonnaise like the spicy tuna rolls.

–          Limit the soy sauce, otherwise you can go well over your daily salt allowance. Ask if they have low sodium soy.

–          Pick mostly sashimi over rolls, as it saves on the rice.

–          Order a seaweed salad.

–          Fill up on edamame beans

Follow these tips and you can still enjoy sushi, but not ruin your healthy eating plan .

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