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  • Jack Wilson

Here’s Why You Can’t Lose Belly Fat

The stomach is one of the most difficult parts of the body to rid of fat. Once you acquire love handles, it’s a never-ending war of cardio, crunches, diets, and various fat burners. All that, just so you could kinda, sorta, maybe see some hint of abs after months of hard work. It’s very unrewarding and frustrating. However, your fat loss progress might be slower than you’d want because of a few things you could be doing wrong.

Why You Can’t Lose Belly Fat

1. Your Workout Sucks

It might be as simple as that. If you are doing thousands upon thousands of crunches a day, you will probably get stronger abs but that isn’t the same as losing body fat. Try mixing things up, shorten your resting periods or add HIIT cardio. Just by adding a few intensity techniques will give your system a slight shock that will get that fat burning process started.

2. Too Many Fatty Foods

Even if it’s healthy fats like olive oil, seeds, nuts and nut butter, avocados — it’s still fat. Too much of it can be deposited in your body as fat which will make your “six weeks to shredded abs” program useless.

3. Not Enough Sleep

Not resting enough can lead to stress that leads to weight gain. Also, how do you expect your body to recover after a workout and start using all that fat as energy if you are not giving it enough sleep? Aim to get at least six to seven hours of sleep per day.

4. Too Many Sugary Drinks

“Diet” sodas and sodas, in general, are often stacked with sugar. If you have a habit of drinking Coke, Pepsi or any other carbonated soda, do yourself a favor next you want to buy a drink — check the caloric breakdown. If you see the sugar content is through the roof, just stick to water. Which brings us to…

5. Alcohol

Even though every situation gets 10 times better when booze is added to the mix, it kills your fat loss progress. Alcohol is also filled with sugar and empty calories that your body has no use for, which just ends up making you fat. Add that with the above-mentioned sugary drinks, and you get a recipe for disaster.

6. Bad Food

Fast food, chips, chocolates, pizzas, puddings are all refined carbs filled with sugar. Eating them spikes your insulin, which encourages your liver to store fat composites in your midsection — your belly. Instead of munching down on Big Macs and fries, eat fruits and veggies. They will make you feel satiated for longer and will actually help you lose fat instead of making you add it.

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What to Do to Lose Fat

1. High-Protein Diet

Eating lots of protein will speed up your metabolism and promote fat loss and muscle growth. Proteins also promote the release of the fullness peptide called “Amylin.” This peptide helps keep you feeling satiated and which keeps you from eating everything in sight.

2. Eat Lots of Soluble Fibers

Foods that are filled with soluble fibers will absorb water in your stomach forming a gel-like substance that will slow down your digestion and fill your stomach for longer. Any fiber-rich food like artichokes, carrots, apples, avocados, popcorn, or oats will do the trick.

3. Cut Back On Carbs

You can’t have your carbs and lose fat. Something has gotta go. Reduce your carb intake, or at least replace refined carbs like sugars, white breads, snacks and sugary drinks with unprocessed starchy carbs like oats, whole grain bread and various nuts and seeds.

4. Avoid Trans Fats

Trans fats are bad. Really, really bad. They have been linked to everything from heart disease, insulin resistance to abdominal fat gain. In fact, a six-year-long study in 2007 showed that by eating trans fat increased the abdominal fat storage among monkeys by 33 percent.

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