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Creating Effective Workout Routines (from the comfort of your own home)

What home workout routines are you able to consistently maintain?

Developing an effective set of healthy habits to optimize your overall health & fitness can seem like a daunting task. In reality, maximizing your fitness is simply a compilation of small, doable, consistent, daily tasks that you can implement. Getting familiar with a few home workout routines will enable you to stay focused and motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

Everyone has a different set of goals, needs, and desires for their daily exercise. Luckily, there is an abundance of different approaches to choose from. Even if your physical activity level is currently non-existent, you can always start somewhere.

Low intensity exercises like yoga, or stretches with a foam roller, are not only doable at home, but they will help you tone up, become acquainted with your body again and help prevent injury in the process. A daily home workout is ideal for those who feel out-of-shape because you have the privacy of your own home, not the overwhelming atmosphere of a public gym.

Something to remind yourself of when diving into the world of home workout videos is that many of the trim, athletic trainers leading the workouts were not always that way. Many of them are so motivated and dedicated to their craft because they fought to get to where they are now. Because of their inspiring back-stories, it can be helpful to draw from them and get inspired by the process–though it is sometimes grueling. Remember, results don't happen overnight. However, when you get into a healthy, active routine, the results will come and you will feel proud because you have earned it (and developed habits that can last a lifetime–so the weight stays off and your health stays up!)

Extreme Solutions

If you really want to kickstart your fitness routine with some serious intensity, workout routines like P90X, HIIT and Insanity may be what you're looking for.

All three of these workouts are centered around similar principles: high intensity yields more results. The benefits of high-intensity training include:

  1. Boosted Metabolism

  2. Muscle gain

  3. Increased stamina

P90X is unique from HIIT and Insanity Training in that it is comprised of a Yoga portion, which some don't view as high-intensity training (though it challenging and beneficial).

P90X, HIIT and Insanity are designed to jumpstart your metabolism, challenge your muscles, elevate your heart rate and truly whip you into shape. While some weights can be used, many of these workouts can be accomplished simply by utilizing your own body weight in a range of plyometric workouts. The amount of power and resistance you can get from many dynamic exercises can still be very challenging, even without the use of added weight.

These workouts are best for those who are either looking to take their fitness to the next level, or are looking to get back into fitness after a sabbatical. These workouts will be a real challenge, however, the results are worth every bit of effort.

Though these workouts are intense and trying, any of the workouts can be scaled. In other words, the moves used in P90X, HIIT and Insanity can all be altered to cater any fitness level. Finding the routine that is right for YOU personally is what is really essential to making exercise into a habit that lasts, not necessarily being part of the latest and greatest fitness fad. [adinserter block=”5″]

Fun Home Workout Routines

For home use, workout videos such as those by Jillian Michaels, Tone It Up's Karena & Katrina and Nintendo's Wii games can play a helpful role in effectively achieving a higher fitness level from home.

Fitness professional and front woman Jillian Michaels offers an expansive set of workout DVD's. She essentially has come out with a workout DVD to target all of your fitness needs. “Killer Buns & Thighs,” “6 Week Six-Pack,” and “No More Trouble Zones” all provide you the opportunity to target and tone specific areas on your body. Whereas,  “Yoga Meltdown,” and”Kickbox Fastfix” all offer a fitness approach with specific routines that will improve your fitness levels and strength all the way around.

If you're truly looking to improve your fitness in all facets, its helpful to include flexibility and balance into your home workout routine. This is where a video like Jillian Michael's Yoga Inferno, Wii's Yoga, or Tone it Up's Yoga Youtube instructionals come in handy. Yoga will help you recover quicker, minimize risk for injury and gain a greater range of motion–just to name a few benefits. Yoga also provides a way to improve upon your mind & body connection, stress levels and overall positive mentality. Optimizing how your mind works is a worthwhile undertaking, as it makes up the foundation of self-belief, motivation and wellness.

After all, if you do not keep your workout routine fun and energizing, you’'re likely to abandon it just as quickly as you picked it up. Fun is an ingredient that is crucial to your workout routine. In regards to home workout routines, the best way to accomplish this is to find a trainer or a video led by a person you feel you relate to and are inspired by. One of the best ways to get results is to get and stay inspired and focused on your goal. Working out with the right virtual trainer can make or break the whole deal for you. Tone It Up’'s Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn are known for their bubbly, goofy and motivating personalities that inspire many individuals to get moving and love their body.

These ladies have compiled a versatile range of YouTube videos as well as a few DVD's that help you tone up your body and change your lifestyle for the better. Along with fitness routines, Katrina & Karena offer nutrition plans and advice. This is important in that exercising is only one half of the puzzle in regards to health and weight loss. The Tone It Up duo has configured an effective approach to both aspects. Tone It Up is best suited for individuals looking to get inspired to shed some weight, tone up and maintain the motivation to do so. It also will appeal to those that thrive on accountability. Their social media accounts run all sorts of fitness contests that encourage participation by pushing for workout accountability. Thus, it’s a great way to fuel your fitness momentum every day, as it provides a mission for you to focus on.


In a world that is becoming increasingly more technological, fitness routines are no exception to the trend. In scouring the app store on your smartphone, you will quickly notice that there is a plethora of different apps offering various approaches to fitness.

Fitness apps are unique in the realm of home workout routines in that they offer incredible portability and access to the workouts anywhere you can get an internet connection. Many apps do not require any sort of equipment, making them even more practical for the busy, commuting individual. Thus, not only are these apps suitable for home use, but you can take the same routine to your office, workplace or gym.

The 7-Minute Workout App, for example, is one such app that claims to provide you with an effective, challenging workout using only your own body weight. The 7-Minute Workout App is comprised of 12 high-intensity bodyweight exercises (30 seconds per exercise, 10 seconds rest between exercises.) The app itself helps with graphic demonstrations of each move, as well as a countdown timer and instructions through the duration of the workout.

Best of all, this app is free. So, you're essentially getting a virtual trainer to work with, free of charge.

Online Personal Trainer Courses

Udemy is an online resource in which you can pick and choose a personal trainer, program, and approach to how to implement a fitness routine. On Udemy, you can scour thousands of individual personal trainers, programs as well as read their background, experience and logic as to why they advocate their unique way of training.

The benefits of this method of using home workout routines is its flexibility. You are able to choose how much you want to spend, who you want to seek advice and training from, and what your goals are. With a personal trainer, you are often more able to customize your routine to your body, capabilities, and desires, whereas some videos are offering the same exact workout to everyone who uses it. Udemy enables you to have a lot of choice in the matter.


YouTube is a fantastic resource for both starting a workout routine or simply supplementing the exercise that you already do. Sometimes, having a visual representation of your workout can keep you inspired, practicing good form and motivate you to keep working out; as you'll feel like you have a virtual workout partner. The convenience of YouTube is unparalleled. You can scour millions of workout videos simply by searching keywords like “HIIT” or “Yoga” or “Fat Burn.” Here are two great channels to get you started:

  1. JillianMichaels

  2. ToneItUpcom


Another fantastic attribute of merely all home workout plans & videos is that they are affordable, convenient and can benefit anyone. Regardless of your fitness level, you can always improve, strengthen your weaknesses and become better & fitter than you were before. They make wonderful gifts, as well. Yoga routines are best as low-impact exercises (for older individuals or those recovering from an injury) and high-intensity training via plyometrics is best for targeting fat stores and sculpting up from head to toe.

Becoming acquainted with what you desire for yourself will help you pick the best fitness routine for your unique vision and goals. It's most helpful to be creative and flexible, just as much as you are dedicated. Be open to learning new methods, getting out of your comfort zone, and changing up your workouts if you need to. This will prevent boredom, increase the likelihood of you sticking with the exercise routine and also keep your body challenged. A body that is constantly challenged will produce better results.

Fitness may not be a habit that suits everyone, but it is a habit that everyone can benefit from. It is a keystone habit that affects many other aspects of your life. Your workout routine does not need to be vigorous or grueling to achieve some level of success, it just needs to be something that you incorporate into your life on a day-to-day basis, without fail.





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