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  • Jack Wilson

Choosing LESS in 2019

This time of year we set out to find a resolution for the new year of things we want to do MORE of or accomplish.

What about making a list of things you want to do LESS of?

Do any of these ring true for you?

1) Less caring about what others think

This is your life and you know how to live it, what makes you happy and that’s nobody’s business.

Take the pressure off yourself and do you. You don’t need to be ordinary or “keep up the Jones”, it’s okay if you don’t have the biggest house or the nicest car.

Maybe you do things differently than others or what society thinks is the norm. Embrace that.

2)Less weighing yourself

One of the most common New Years resolutions is to lose weight.

While that’s a great goal especially for health benefits, there are different ways to measure your success.

Go into the new year without the scale. That number does not define you and is definitely not a good indicator to your success.

Think of everything you can gain by following a healthy lifestyle like confidence, energy, regular bowel movements are just a few ways to track your progress.

How you feel, measurements and progress photos are a much more accurate way. Don’t let the scale rule you in 2019.

3)Less time away

Nobody ever got to the end of their life and wished they worked more.

Life if fast paced in today’s life. Both parents work, which means chores pile up at home and as moms we can get overwhelmed.

We feel that we must contribute to the family financially which means many hours away.

We have debt which means we don’t take holidays and work as much as we can to pay it.

It doesn’t stop there. At home we must keep it clean, laundry and dishes to do and before we know it, it’s back to work.

All this means less time with family and the ones we love. Missed events or being less present when our children need us.

The laundry can wait, so can the dishes. Work will always be there well after the kids are grown and gone.

The kids won’t look back and remember a clean house or all the money mom made.

They’ll look back and remember how present you were while they were growing up. How you put them first and we’re always there to play dolls, go for walks and just be with them.

So what will you do LESS of in 2019?

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