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  • Jack Wilson

Big Changes to Hungry Healthy Happy

Last updated on September 1st, 2018 at 10:30 pm

There are big changes coming to Hungry Healthy Happy as it is no longer a one person blog and we have added a Home and Garden section and a Family section. You will still see all your favourite recipes and health and fitness tips, but you will now get so much more from this blog.

Do you like the new logo too?

Hungry Healthy Happy has been primarily a food blog for the past 5 years and whilst recipes will still make up the majority of the posts, you will start to see more home DIY tutorials, garden projects, baby and parenting posts, travel features and everything in between. You might have also noticed that the weight loss and fitness categories have gone, and everything is rolled in to the category of Wellbeing. This category is still a bit of a mess, so please bear with us we work on that. The idea is that I want to move away from talking about weight and just focusing on health.

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You may have seen a few months ago there was mention of a new website being launched, Hungry Healthy Happy Kids. Well, that idea has now been scrapped and everything is being rolled in to one lifestyle blog here to make it easier for everyone. Running a blog takes a lot of time and commitment, so to give you the best possible posts, we are keeping it all here. There has also been a great reaction to the increase in every day life stuff that has been included in posts recently, so there will be more of that.

As well as the new sections being added to the blog, which you can see in the bar along the top (go take a look after you have finished with this post), Hungry Healthy Happy is no longer just Dannii! Dave has taken the leap and quit his job and joined the wonderful world of self-employment and blogging. Hungry Healthy Happy has expanded hugely over the past year, so Dave is coming on board full-time to handle all the techy and design side of things (there is a lot that happens behind the scenes) share his expertise when it comes to home and garden projects and post his recipes (mostly healthy baking). He will also be working hard to launch our separate travel website, Active Travel World, which will be coming soon. You can follow Active Travel World on Instagram already though.

Take a look at our shiny and new About Hungry Healthy Happy page to read more about what HHH is all about and to read all about the team that will be bringing you daily posts.

This week has been the first full week of the new Hungry Healthy Happy team and I wanted to share a few photos to show some behind the scenes. Not everything is styled photo shoots and kale smoothies. There is mess, there is chaos, there are insane amounts of cups of tea, fighting cats, but there has been a lot of laughs. It’s nice to not be working from home by myself now and plus I have someone to make the tea for me now.

Let’s welcome Dave to the Hungry Healthy Happy team!

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