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  • Jack Wilson

Bicep Workout with Bodyweight

We’ve all been in a situation where getting to a gym is a struggle. We’re not just talking about the days after a disgusting leg session either.

Holidays, family visits or an overload of work, sometimes you just don’t get chance to worship at the Church of Gains.

Luckily though, because you’re already such a hot piece of MASS, you can use your hefty bodyweight and some common equipment to your advantage.

Biceps are the order of the day here as they can be a little trickier to demolish without a shiny pair of 30llbs dumbbells nearby.

Your arms are a real sign of strength. A massive set of bi’s can show serious dedication and are always the product of days and days of hard work and decent nutrition.

Unlike calves which are hugely affected by your genetics and are just absolute fuck*rs when it comes to seeing growth.

Your biceps don’t just look good, they’re pretty important too. So treat them right. This workout will help you with that.

Revision: Anatomy of the Biceps

Before we jump into your exciting new biceps bodyweight workout, we thought we’d just give you a quick refresher on the anatomical side of your magnificent weapons.

Because you are focusing on one particular muscle here, it helps if you understand it slighty better than ‘chicks dig them’.

If you’re already fully clued up, or just a lazy boy who can’t be bothered reading, feel free to skip ahead.

Biceps brachii

Your biceps are a relatively small muscle when it comes to your anatomy.

They’re are located on the top of your arms and include a ‘long head’ and a ‘short head’.

The long head is what’s known as the Biceps brachii (red), which is latin. In English this translates as ‘two headed of the arm’, because the bicep brachii has two connecting tendons.

Underneath sits the Brachialis (blue), this is a muscle that is associated with the biceps brachii and largely assists with the action of elbow flexion (see below).

Overall the biceps are important because they help with:

  1. Elbow Flexion – Bending the arm at the elbow (flexing to impress

  2. Forearm Supination – The motion of turning a key

  3. Curling and Pulling – Biceps are hugely important in the pulling and bending movements. Which is why they play a huge role in back workouts.

Now, firstly the biceps are crucial because they make you look like an alpha and a beast. But, second to this, they also play a huge role in a massive range of movements. (Back exercises especially)

It’s essential to keep them strong to avoid injury and ensure progress with other muscles in the body.

Bicep Bodyweight Exercises

So now you know your Brachii from your Brachialis lets take a look at a biceps workout and how you can train them hardest while being away from the gym.

For this to work you are going to need to find a nearby park/bar or home pull up bar. They’re cheap as hell.

You might look a little crazy replicating some of this, but how dedicated are you to making those gains?

#1 Bicep Curls

Grab a bag. School bag. Carrier bag. Gym bag. Anything with a handle that decent weight can be added to.

You wanted to work your biceps right, it’s not fully bodyweight, but it kicks off the rest of this bodyweight workout nicely.

Once you’ve got some weight in the bag or handled container then curl away.

Remember though, because your bag and it’s contents is probably going to be lighter than what you are used to, go for reps and reps and reps.

Focus on the muscle contraction, move slowly and really feel it burn.

#2 Chin Ups

A classic. Go hard and keep that grip close as you really use your weight to hit your biceps.

Ideally here you want to be doing rounds until failure, so go for broke and then give yourself 3 minutes rest before hitting it again.

Once again, focus on form and feeling that muscle working hard.

If you’re really struggling to find a bar for this one, you could always find a tree.

You’ll feel like a literal animal and the branch may snap, but at least you’ve made some minor gains.

#3 Inverted Row

Once again your local park is your friend here.

Get that underhand grip in place, lean back to around 45 degrees and slowly pull yourself up until your chest hits your bar.

Feel the muscle contract and slowly ease yourself down again, while maintaining that tension.

Bicep Bodyweight Workout

So, you’ve landed at a nearby park or anywhere with a few bars that you can hang yourself off freely.

Probably avoid kids play areas, because the grunts you make as you hit your third set of chin ups could be a little frightening to children and adults might take it the wrong way.

All we are going to do here is connect up the three above movements in a way that hits the bicep hard and promotes a nice bit of growth.

Step 1 – Warm Up

  1. 5 minutes jogging on spot

  2. Push Ups 5 x 10  (40 seconds rest)

Step 2 – Workout

  1. Chin Ups 5 x Failure (2 mins rest between sets)

  2. Bag Curls 5 x 25 (30 seconds rest between sets)

  3. Inverted Row 5 x 25 (40 seconds rest between sets)

Step 3 – Finisher 

  1. Push ups 10 (Superset with) Diamond Push ups 5 x 5 (1 minute rest)

Bicep Workout with Bodyweight Conclusion

We’re not going to lie, building bodybuilder biceps without ANY equipment is near enough impossible.

With the equipment outlined above it can still be a little difficult.

If you’re committed to the cause though and want your arms to be ripping out those shirt sleeves, there is never an excuse not be training and the above workout should prove a challenge.

If you’re sitting there swearing at this article saying it’s too easy, just buy yourself your own set of dumbbells and curl away friend.