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  • Jack Wilson

Best Fat Burner Without Yohimbe | Safe Gains, Great Results

Fat burner supplements are a great way to get lean, shred excess fat and stay trim all year round. But with less than convincing results and controversial side effects you need to stay clear of yohimbe and stick to a fat burner that works.

You want to strip away that excess body fat and carve out some abs that are worthy of a bronzed statue of the Greek gods.

You’re already picturing yourself chilling on Mount Olympus, feeding on grapes handed to you by half naked honies clinging to your muscular, shredded physique?

And damn right bro.You should.

With your diet and exercise regime underway, you’re ready to use the powerful benefits of a high-quality far burner to your advantage.

The problem is that after researching fat burner ingredients you’ve heard that yohimbe can be bad for you.

And you’d be right.

But there’s no need to worry. You can still find plenty of effective fat burning supplements without yohimbe.

And that’s why SpotMeBro have come up with resource guide for you.

What is Yohimbe?

You’ll find yohimbe in central Africa. It comes from the Pausinystalia yohimbe plant – a tall evergreen tree.

Traditionally, western African tribesmen would take the bark from the tree and extract the active compound from it called yohimbine.

And it’s this biological compound that’s been used in traditional folk medicine for centuries.

They’d use it for things like increasing libido and fighting erectile dysfunction (use wood to get wood kind of thing), as well as to enhance physical performance.

As a naturally-occurring indole alkaloid (chemical plant compounds used regularly in modern medicine), yohimbe has a direct effect on your body.

That’s not really the debate here though.

Why is yohimbe used in medicine and fat burners?

Let’s just presume for a minute that yohimbe won’t f*ck up your sh*t as a fat burner and has some actual benefits.

Firstly, yohimbe has a high affinity for your alpha-2 adrenoceptors. If you track through the science on this receptor you’ll find that when it’s triggered, you mobilize more fat.

In theory this could lead to higher rates of actual fat burning for energy.

The problem is thought, the science just doesn’t add up when it comes to yohimbe shredding excess body fat…

There’s No Evidence That Yohimbe Speeds up Fat Loss

We’ll spare you the deep and heavy science research breakdown here. Just take our word for it that yohimbe won’t get you to single digit body fat.

But here’s what you need to know.

Studies have reported that even over a 6-month period, men given a huge daily dose of yohimbe didn’t lose any weight at all when compare to a control group [1].

As the Joker once said in the animated Batman series… “zero, zip, zilch, nada”.

And other clinical trials have reported similar results too.

Even when obese volunteers used the a yohimbe supplement for fat burning (you’d expect obese guys to drop weight quicker, simply because they’ve got more to lose) they didn’t budge the scales at all when compared to a placebo drug [2].

Again, a complete waste of tie fat burner.

Last of all, a massive review of plant and herbal weight loss supplements [3] suggested that with every individual human study taken into account, there’s “no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt” that yohimbe is a waste of time and money for weight loss.

That’s pretty much one solid final nail in the heart of the coffin right there.

Yohimbe isn’t even a safe fat burner either

Not only is it ineffective, yohimbe is closely associated with some real fuark-up-your-sh*t side effects too.

Over a 6-year period, yohimbe resulted in over 230 cases of adverse reactions. To put it bluntly, that’s huge.

Side effects include:

  1. Raised blood pressure – even in healthy men, yohimbe has been shown to result in hypertension (clinical raised blood pressure). And as a primary risk factor for stroke and other serious disorders, that’s not good at all.

  2. Gastrointestinal disorders – this is a pretty common side effect, with yohimbe resulting in vomiting, nausea, sickness and all-round sh*tty, bloated feelings in your abs.

  3. Vascular complications and anxiety – not only does using yohimbe as a fat burner result in feelings of stress, anxiety, agitation and nervousness, it also increases the risk of a serious coronary events too.

There are also a few other side effects that you need to be aware of. These include:

  1. Increased risk of paralysis, seizures and other neurological illnesses

  2. Kidney failure, abnormal heart rate heart attack and other hemodynamic disorders.

We’re not talking the odd headache or bit of wind with yohimbe.

We’re talking some real serious sh*t bro. Even those busty, grape-feeding honies you were imagining back in the intro just aren’t worth that kind of risk.

The Best Fat Burner Supplement Without Yohimbe

You don’t have to settle for unsafe, ineffective supplements when it comes to supercharging your results, shredding body fat and getting beach ready.

After extensive SpotMeBro trials, intense gym workouts and body fat testing we picked our number one fat burner based on a small number of things.

  1. Doesn’t contain yohimbe or any forms of yohimbine

  2. Boosts energy, stamina, endurance and motivation

  3. Leads to faster results and shredded abs

Our number one fat burner without yohimbe: Instant Knockout

Containing only natural nutrients with no side effects, Instant Knockout takes our best supplement without yohimbe award by an absolute mile.

As our current top-rated fat burner supplement, Instant Knockout has the power to:

  1. Charge up your energy cells – unleash your power on the gym, sports field or court.

  2. Burn more fat, fast – get better results in the shortest time possible.

  3. Maintain lean muscle – bun fat but not muscle with the right nutrients.

  4. Gain confidence – strip body fat, get lean and feel at your best.

You’ll find absolutely no yohimbe in this potent, premium fat burner supplemnt whatsoever.

But what you will find are natural, effective ingredients that’ll seed up fat loss and blast you to your goals quicker than you’d ever imagine.

  1. Glucomannan – a fiber that absorbs water in your stomach, helping to enhances satiety and keep hunger at bay.

  2. Green tea extract – a potent antioxidant with numerous health benefits. It also triggers fat burning through thermogenesis.

  3. Cayenne pepper – Spikes your metabolism with it thermogenic-boosting capsaicin content. It also reduces the fatigue associated with high intensity exercise.

  4. Green coffee extract – unroasted, vibrant-colored coffee beans help burn fat by reducing sugar cravings and slow fat absorption from food.

  5. Chromium GTF – an essential element that helps you metabolize both sugar and fat.

  6. Piperine – this extract found in black pepper aid in digestion, switches on your metabolism and triggers fat burning receptors in your body.

  7. Zinc – a mineral that plays a pivotal role in energy production.

  8. Vitamin B6 and B12 – these water-soluble nutrients help you synthesize energy from food. More energy equals better workouts and much healthier all-round lifestyle.

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