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  • Jack Wilson

Best Fat Burner For Women

Burn fat and tone your arms, legs, thighs & waist to look even better in that bikini.

Life would be easy if all you had to do was walk into a store and choose the first fat burner supplement you found on the shelves.

But this tactic is exactly what leads to tears, disappointment, and most importantly – time lost that you could have enjoyed looking fabulous in your dream bikini or dress.

We can all accept that we’re not 22 forever. But one thing you don’t have to accept, is holding onto unwanted body fat around your stomach, arms, waist and thighs.

By choosing the right fat burner supplement, you really can make the difference to transform your body.

However, not everyone knows how to choose the ‘right’ product first time. So to save you both time and money, we’ve done the research for you.

How? By annoying the hell out of nutritionists and fitness experts, to help you find the best fat burner supplements that’ll result in you looking great in those tight jeans and make that booty pop!

Before we get to the supplements, we’re going to educate you on key points; this will ensure that you learn what to look for and avoid, for future reference.

You’ll learn:

  1. What are fat burner supplements?

  2. Benefits of using fat burners

  3. Best fat burning ingredients

  4. Are gender-specific fat burners worth it?

  5. Best fat burner for women

  6. Ingredients To Avoid

  7. Conclusion

What Are Fat Burner Supplements?

Let’s start with the basics. Fat burner supplements contain thermogenic nutrients that are proven to raise your metabolism, to help you shred those extra pounds.

That’s right, your fat doesn’t just start melting away like some believe.

You still have to work hard in the gym and on your diet, but by combining these efforts with an effective fat burner, you’ll achieve your dream body much faster than your previous attempts.

Here’s the benefits of using fat burners:

  1. Faster fat loss to match your efforts

  2. Improved self-confidence in bikinis

  3. Steady energy levels while cutting calories

  4. Suppressed appetite to lower calorie intake

Best Fat Burning Ingredients

Right, so you might know the benefits that the best fat burners can deliver.

But like we mentioned at the start of this article, you can’t just choose the first product you find on the shelf – this will inevitably lead you to wasting your money on an ineffective fat burner that causes side effects.

For this reason, to really learn how to choose a safe and effective product, you’ll need to know which ingredients to look for.

Below, we’ll reveal the best fat burning nutrients that are tried-and-tested to work:

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract has really hit the limelight in recent times. More and more people are becoming aware about it’s numerous benefits, and for good reason – it works.

So what does it do? Well, Green Tea Extract is proven to benefit just about every organ in your body.

Not bad ey? Well, more importantly, this nutrient has also shown to help you shred fat in unwanted areas.

How does it work? Green Tea Extract contains high amounts of catechins, which have shown to boost your metabolism, ultimately promoting fat loss [1].

Green Coffee Bean Extract

You might be wondering what Green Coffee Bean Extract actually is, so let’s clear any confusion.

Its basically unroasted coffee beans (the same type used to create cups of coffee).

So how is it beneficial? Well, it contains high amounts of chlorigenic acid in its unroasted form, which has proven to reduce weight when consistently supplemented [2].

For this reason, it’s a safe and effective addition to any fat burner supplement, and one we always look out for.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Everyone knows the effects of a hot chilli pepper once you’ve eaten it; your body temperature rises and you start sweating.

Well, this is because chilli peppers are thermogenic nutrients that’re proven to promote fat loss.

How does Cayenne Pepper Extract work? As a result of your heat levels rising, your body works harder to regulate its temperature – burning more calories in the process.

So in theory, you’ll be burning extra calories, even while sat on the couch.

However, as we mentioned before, you’ll have to still work hard in the gym and on your diet, if you want to see fast results.

But one thing’s for sure, Cayenne Pepper Extract is a key fat burning nutrient that’s proven to work [3].

Are Gender Specific Fat Burners Worth It?

We HAVE to address this issue.

Many companies create cheap and ineffective fat burners, hoping they sell simply by slapping ‘for women’ on the label and packaging it in pink containers.

However, don’t be fooled by these supplements; we’ve checked and tried many of them, and only suffered side effects in return.

Why aren’t they effective? Because there are no gender specific ingredients on the market.

Think about it. Do men consume different forms of green tea to women? No, they don’t.

When you picked up chillies in the supermarket, did you make sure they were ‘specifically for women?’. No, because there’s no such thing.

For this reason, we can’t stress enough that if a fat burner is the best for men, then it’ll be equally as effective for women.

Ultimately, the saying ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’ rings true here. Don’t choose supplements simply because they come in pink or feminine packaging, because trust us, these companies will only be laughing all the way to the bank.

Best Fat Burner For Women

With all of your new information, you should be pretty confident at finding the best fat burners for women now.

But we’ve helped you even further, by trying and testing dozens of fat burners – to find which ones to recommend.

How did we choose? Well, we rated them in terms of safety and effectiveness, so you won’t be experiencing nasty side effects with our top pick.

But more importantly, the best fat burner contains the best ingredients that’ve proven to help you sculpt your dream figure.

Check out our top rated product:

Instant Knockout

Key Benefits

  1. Tone your arms, legs, waist and legs – Melt away unwanted fat and achieve that bikini beach body look.

  2. Feel more confident in your own skin – Never feel embarrassed about your body again, and instead get noticed for your lean figure.

  3. Fit into your favorite tops and jeans – Go down a few sizes and fit into the clothes you’ve always wanted.

  4. Find it easier to snack on junk food less – Stay focused on your fitness goals, instead of wondering off with some candy bars!


As you should know, if someone tells you a product is perfect, something is seriously wrong.

While Instant Knockout offers key fat burning nutrients, it does come with the premium price tag. But when was the last time you let the price of lipstick or shoes put you off?

Ultimately, paying extra for quality products is worth it.

One more drawback is that you can only buy Instant Knockout from their website (www.InstantKnockout.com) – but we found that delivery was quick, so it really wasn’t an issue for us personally.

Why You’ll Like It

Presented in a fist-shaped bottle, this fat burner really does punch your stomach fat into submission.

Instant Knockout first caught our attention when we saw that Alexia Clark ‘The Queen of Workouts’ used this fat burner; she’s known for her slender figure, and after we tried it, we could see why.

As always, we checked the nutrient profile of Instant Knockout, and were happy with what we saw. This contains numerous tried-and-tested thermogenics, including Green Tea Extract, Cayenne Pepper Extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract – as well as Glucomannan to help suppress your appetite.

It’s the full package when it you’re aiming to lose unwanted body fat. Alongside a clean diet plan and hard work ethic, you’ll see results with Instant Knockout.

To Buy, Visit www.InstantKnockout.com  or See SpotMeBro’s Top 10 Fat Burners Page 

Ingredients To Avoid

We might have shown you the best fat burning ingredients, as well as our personal favorite fat burner supplement.

However, we can’t let you leave without knowing what to avoid in these products too – this can be equally as important, to keep you safe from a potentially harmful fat burner.

But we know that you have things to do, so we won’t keep you for much longer. To get you on your way, we’ll quickly list the ingredients that we recommend you stay away from.

Bitter Orange Extract

You might not know this, but Synephrine is an ingredient that was banned years ago, due to causing many nasty side effects.

However, companies found a sneaky way of adding it indirectly; as Bitter Orange Extract contains high amounts of Synephrine, you can still find this in fat burner supplements through this nutrient.

However, this isn’t a good thing.

From personal experience, we’ve suffered from side effects such as nausea, anxiety and rapid heartbeat after trying fat burners containing Bitter Orange Extract, so we recommend avoiding this when you can.

Yohimbe Bark Extract

We just mentioned that Bitter Orange Extract contains Synephrine. Well. Yohimbe Bark Extract also contains a chemical that’s been banned from direct use in supplements – Yohimbine.

Again, Yohimbine was banned for good reason, because it caused numerous nasty side effects. So for the same reason, we’ve found that staying away from fat burners containing Yohimbe Bark Extract is a good idea.

Overloads of Stimulants

Stimulants can either be your best friend or your worst enemy – it’s all about moderation.

You’ve no-doubt consumed too much coffee once or twice before. What happened? You felt jittery and suffered an energy crash not long afterwards.

Well, this is because overloads of stimulants cause these side effects; consuming a fat burner containing large dosages of Caffeine isn’t a good idea.

For this reason, we recommend that you choose a fat burner containing under 100mg Caffeine per capsule serving (ideally, less than 350mg Caffeine overall).


As we mentioned, not enough women are informed about supplements.

And it’s not your fault – many companies create cheap supplements targeted at females, tricking you into thinking these ‘specialized’ products are better than others.

However, remember that there’s no gender-orientated nutrients. For example, Green Tea Extract is equally as beneficial for women, as it is for men.

For this reason, don’t be scared of buying supplements that aren’t gender-specific. In fact, these ‘unisex’ products without any gender slapped over their advertising, will be much more beneficial for you than bullsh*t products labelled with ‘for women’.

Personally, the best fat burner we’ve tried this year is Instant Knockout; used by professional fitness models and UFC fighters, it’s proven to help you lose body fat and fit into those jeans!

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