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Best Fat Burner For Fasted Cardio

Pair a fat burner and fasted cardio together to send your fat loss potential into overdrive.

Performing cardio is great for overall health, and regular cardiovascular work can help you to get those shredded abs you desire.

Some might say that fasted cardio is even better. But often, fat burners can help you to get there quicker.

If you’re looking to boost your fat loss potential, then consuming fat burners can be a great option when used in conjunction with fasted cardio.

In this post, we will look into how you can boost your fat loss with our guide to the best fat burner for fasted cardio.

What Makes A Fat Burner Beneficial For Fasted Cardio?

Raised Energy Levels

When performing fasted cardio, you might suffer from a lack of energy, particularly as you’ll be in a calorie deficit.

If that’s you, then fat burners can have a positive impact on the body. They often contain a dose of caffeine, which will help you to power through your workout even though you’ve not consumed any food.

However, during a fasted cardio session, your body will likely be more sensitive to caffeine. For that reason, it is important to pay close attention to your caffeine intake.

Excess caffeine consumption can have negative side effects which includes energy crashes, increased heart rate, or jitters. So when looking for a fat burner, ensure the dosages are under 100mg of caffeine per capsule.

Boosted Metabolism

Fasted cardio can also help to boost your metabolism for the day ahead, but with an effective fat burner, your metabolism can be raised even further.

They often contain ingredients such as green tea extract, which boosts your metabolism by breaking down fat cells quicker. Faster breakdown of fat cells = greater fat burning potential.

Removing Stubborn Fat

Performing fasted cardio helps you to dip into your fat stores for energy, allowing you to get rid of fat in unwanted areas.

When combined with an effective fat burner, this will ensure that your efforts when performing fasted cardio won’t be laid to waste.

If you’re looking for the perfect fat burner, then SpotMeBro have you covered in our recommendation for the best fat burner for fasted cardio below.

Best Fat Burner For Fasted Cardio

Instant Knockout by Roar Ambition

Roar Ambition are a premium sports supplements company which has a fat burner, testosterone booster, and pre-workout in their exclusive product range.

Instant Knockout is their fat burner product which we’ve tried and tested. We found it to be the most effective for us to get shredded.

Key Benefits

  1. Suppressed Appetite – Reduce the likelihood of you snacking unnecessarily.

  2. Increased Metabolism – Burn calories faster than usual, even in a rested state.

  3. Increased Energy Levels – Train harder during your workouts.


  1. All Natural Ingredients – The three main ingredients are green tea extract, cayenne pepper seeds, and glucomannan. These all work together to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

  2. Sensible Caffeine Dosage – Instant Knockout contains 75mg of caffeine per capsule, which provides an instant energy boost, without the risk of suffering negative side effects caused by excess caffeine consumption.


  1. You Can Only Order From Their Official Website – You won’t find the product in stores, but their fast worldwide shipping will see you receive your order quickly, and you’ll know that it’s genuine.

  2. More Expensive Than Less Effective Options – Instant Knockout comes in at a higher cost than its competitors, but we found that it offered value for money due to its effectiveness.

Ingredients List

Here’s a full list of the ingredients:


You can obtain great results when using Instant Knockout with its blend of natural ingredients that ensure effective fat loss. This is why we recommend it as our number one fat burning product.

To Buy, Visit www.InstantKnockout.com

What Is Fasted Cardio?

Fasted cardio is essentially what it says on the tin – it’s a cardiovascular activity performed in a fasted state.

In other words, it involves working out on an empty stomach, usually before breakfast in the morning.

Most people get anywhere between 7-10 hours of sleep on average, unless you have young kids, then you’d be extremely lucky to get that!

If you do manage to get a full night’s sleep, then by the time you wake up, your last meal will have been fully digested, and your insulin levels will be at their lowest.

Essentially, this means that the morning is the best time to perform a cardio workout. This is because it is often thought that your body uses your fat stores for energy, instead of food that you have consumed.

How Effective Is Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss?

Fasted Cardio vs Non-Fasted

Various studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of fasted cardio for fat loss. Most of them suggest that there’s not much difference when compared to non-fasted cardio.

But don’t be discouraged, fasted cardio isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For certain people, it can sometimes be a good option.

Bodybuilders and fitness models often use fasted cardio to cut their body fat percentage down when preparing for shows or photo shoots.

In other words, for short term goals, fasted cardio can actually be quite effective.

However, for longer term goals, there is little to no difference between fasted vs non-fasted, so it’s totally up to you which method of cardiovascular activity you choose to perform.

The main thing is, you need to pay close attention to your diet, otherwise you might struggle to reach your fitness goals.

Importance of Diet

If fat loss is your goal, then you’ll need a calorie deficit. It’s as simple as that. If you’re consuming your base calories, or over them, then your weight will either remain the same, or even increase.

To ensure that you’re in a calorie deficit, then you’ll need to work out your BMR (basal metabolic rate). This is the amount of calories which your body needs to maintain your current weight.

Add in your daily activities on top of your BMR, and this is what’s called your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure).

You can work out both your BMR and TDEE using this calculator. This will allow you to establish exactly how many calories you need to get yourself into a calorie deficit.

Also, be sure to give yourself a treat every now and then. Completely eliminating so called ‘bad foods’ will only make you want them more. Everything is fine, as long as it’s in moderation.

Do I Need To Track My Calories?

Yes, we strongly suggest that you do. While it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, if you want to give yourself the best chance of reaching your fat loss goals, then it has to be done brah.

There are plenty of online tools to help you track your calories, including websites and mobile apps. So basically, you have no excuses to be a lazy b******!

But, if you prefer, then you could always stick to the good old pen and paper – the choice is yours!

Will I Lose Muscle?

Some people are concerned that they will lose muscle mass when they perform fasted cardio, which is perfectly understandable.

Many studies have suggested that fasted cardio in fact does burn muscle, but you needn’t worry.

When it comes to weight loss, losing muscle mass is not what you want, you could soon find yourself with the ‘skinny fat’ look, which isn’t exactly desirable brah.

However, it’s more than possible to combat this, by performing strength training workouts alongside your cardiovascular workouts.

We recommend that you perform strength training at least 3-4 times a week in order to maintain muscle mass, as to get that shredded look then you’ll obviously need muscle mass, right?

How Do I Perform Fasted Cardio?

Fasted cardio is best performed in the morning, as you won’t have eaten all night, unless you were a greedy f**k and got up for a midnight snack that is.

There are two different ways in which you can perform fasted cardio – low intensity and high intensity. We will look into both in this section.

Low Intensity

This is generally the best option when it comes to performing fasted cardio. Something as simple as a brisk walk in the park will have you burning more calories in no time.

If outdoor exercise isn’t really your thing, then you can even opt to stay indoors in the gym, whether that be a steady state jog on the treadmill, or perhaps a session on a stationary bike.

No gym? no worries. You could even perform bodyweight exercises from the comfort of your own home.

High Intensity

The most common form of high intensity cardio is what’s known as high intensity interval training, or HIIT for short.

If you’re not sure what that is, then it’s essentially short bursts of intense exercise followed by a rest or recovery period.

This is a great option for those who are short on time, as it removes the need to spend all eternity in the gym.

Fasted Cardio Workout

You can essentially use whichever form of cardio you like when it comes to performing fasted cardio. Love the treadmill? go for it. Or perhaps the elliptical trainer? be our guest.

The most common form of fasted cardio is low to moderate intensity, but sometimes people opt for HIIT instead.

Below is a routine that can be performed anywhere, anytime with no equipment, so you can throw your excuses out the window bro.

Fat Loss Fasted Cardio Routine

Perform 10 reps of the following exercises one after the other:

  1. Burpees

  2. Mountain Climbers

  3. Jump Squats

Once you’ve done that, then perform 9 reps of each exercise, followed by 8 reps, and so on until you reach one repetition.

Performing this workout in a fasted state will get your metabolism fired up, setting you up to burn calories throughout the day.

It’s high intensity, but you could even slow down your reps a little or increase your rest times between sets if you’re struggling.

Feeling particularly energetic? then go right ahead and count down from 15 reps, or even perform more than one round of 10-1 reps.

Either way, SpotMeBro encourages you to get your lazy a** off the couch, and get performing our fasted cardio workout NOW!


Various studies have confirmed that fasted cardio has little effect on fat loss when compared to non-fasted, at least for longer term goals.

For that reason, we suggest that you place more emphasis on obtaining a calorie deficit instead.

That’s not to say that fasted cardio is a bad thing though. If you want to include it within your routine, then go ahead.

However, just bare in mind that it’ll take a long session to obtain greater benefits than non-fasted cardio. As well as this, it’s only really effective for short term goals.

Once you’ve got your nutrition sorted, then it’ll be far easier to reach your fat loss goals. But if you’re still struggling to get anywhere, then fat burners are a great option to achieve the results you were hoping for.

If you want to learn more about fat burners and how they work, then SpotMeBro have put together a handy guide that will teach you everything you need to know.