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Best CBD Products for Men

CBD has blown up in recent years and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

And as the dietary supplement grows more and more popular, there becomes an increasing number of products on the market.

While this is very exciting for the industry, it can make it difficult to find a reliable CBD product, as it’s not yet regulated by the FDA.

With that in mind, it makes it even more important to find the best CBD products available. This is key for purity, legality and safety.

To help you find the right option, we’ve looked into the best supplements on the market to bring you the products you can trust.

What is CBD?

CBD, cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that comes from the cannabis plant. It is associated with creating a sense of calm and relaxation. It can be taken in the form of oils, capsules, edibles, vapes and more. Unlike THC, it is not a psychoactive cannabinoid.

CBD though, is naturally occurring in everyone. Within your brain, you have something called the Endocannabinoid System, or the ECS. This system can influence stress response, reaction to pain, inflammation, mood and even appetite.

Regulating these feelings and responses are two types of receptors called CB1 and CB2. CBD is basically like the key to opening up these receptors, and helping them work more efficiently.

When they’re working well, you should reap the rewards of a better response to stress, lower perception of pain and better mood, among many other things.

One massive reason guys should be interested in the effects of CBD is that the ECS actually helps hammer down stress hormones like cortisol, which can inhibit testosterone levels.

Best CBD Products for Men

Now we know more about the benefits of CBD and what it is, let’s take a look at the best CBD products on the market


Best for Athletes

Our top pick for best CBD product for athletes is ShredCBD. This product has been designed with the intention of marrying the effects of cannabidiol with improved exercise performance.

By taking CBD, athletes may experience a number of positive effects. For example, it has been shown to help reduce inflammation [1]. This could help with the recovery process as athletes may be able to heal more quickly and reduce muscle pain post-workout.

CBD may also improve sleep quality, which could lead to more effective recovery after exercise. It is speculated that this, coupled with its potential anti-stress properties, could help to reduce cortisol levels and therefore contribute to testosterone maintenance.

These benefits can be gained from any good CBD product, so what makes ShredCBD our top choice for this category?

We found that the product offered high-quality CBD that’s particularly low in THC, which makes it a good choice for athletes and those who are tested regularly for drugs.

They’ve also chosen to deliver their product in capsule form, which may also be convenient for an athlete, as they can easily be thrown in a gym bag and taken with a meal or other dietary supplements.

What’s in ShredCBD?

  1. 20mg Hemp CBD Powder – This form of CBD has been taken from the hemp plant, which is reassuring for purity and low THC levels. Their supplement offers less than 0.1% THC content.

Research shows that CBD is related to lower stress levels and better quality of sleep [2]. This could therefore result in reduced cortisol, which may increase free testosterone [3].

  1. 50mg SS Weight Loss Blend (Green Tea 50% EGCG, Garcinia Cambogia) – These two ingredients have been shown to contribute to weight loss in individual trials [4] [5]. However, at these servings, it is very unlikely you’ll feel any kind of weight loss benefits.

Note: Research surrounding CBD is currently limited and although recent research looks very promising, its worth noting that more studies are needed to understand the full benefits of the supplement.Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 Capsule Serving Per Container: 60IngredientAmount Per Serving%DVHemp CBD Powder20mg*SS Weight Loss Blend Green Tea 50% EGCG, Garcincia Cambogia 65% HCA50mg**Daily Value not Established

How to take ShredCBD

The supplement manufacturers recommend you take two capsules a day, one after breakfast and one after lunch.

This offers a good 40mg serving of CBD a day. This may suit some, however a lot of people like to build up their tolerance to it, so you may want to take more a day.

If you do decide to take more remember that, although they haven’t added any stimulants directly, the green tea extract and garcinia cambogia do provide small stimulant effects.

Therefore, if you do plan on taking ShredCBD, you may want to avoid supplementing before bed.

It’s also worth remembering that a capsule is processed through the digestive tract, therefore it can take longer for you to feel the effects of the CBD. You may have to wait between 30-60 minutes to experience the benefits.

ShredCBD Price

On bottle of ShredCBD costs: £53/$69

This provides you with 60 capsules which, at two capsules a day, is enough for a full month.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that, if you do decide to take more than two caps a day, this may affect the overall value of the supplement.

What are people saying about ShredCBD?

While everyone appears to be jumping on the CBD bandwagon, it’s worth noting that this is still an emerging market, and therefore ShredCBD is a relatively new brand.

As such, there aren’t many reviews about it online.

From what we can see from the testimonials on their site, it’s been well received by athletes. However, we’d like to see more reviews from other sources ideally.

  1. Sean F – Texas, USA: “ShredCBD helped me get shredded but also helped me reduce day to day stress, avoid chomping on loads of bad foods and sleep like a baby! – Just try it.”

  2. Macy – USA: “In my opinion all athletes should at least try ShredCBD. It’s been amazing for me. I am sleeping like a big baby. Training is intense, but im dominating nearly every session and shredcbd is pefect for recovery and helping me outside the box and inside.”

Mark L – Connecticut, USA: “I received my first order of ShredCBD 6 weeks ago. I personally take three pills a day. One at each meal. The very first thing I noticed was my sleep. All of a sudden within two days of taking my first pills, I was sleeping very soundly. I have not slept well for the past several years, that was a super plus for me.”


  1. Good CBD content

  2. Derived from Hemp

  3. Low THC Levels

  4. May improve recovery times

  5. Could contribute to testosterone


  1. May interrupt sleep if taken close to bed

  2. Capsules are slow acting

  3. Studies into effectiveness still underway

  4. Small blend included


This supplement offers a good portion of CBD. It’s also appears to be very low in THC, which may suit tested athletes well.

Due to the quality of the CBD used in this supplement, it has the potential to provide benefits that could complement athlete’s recovery and potentially help with performance.

This supplement contains a weight loss blend which is also meant to complement the results of exercise; however the servings may be too small to offer any kind of support.

Despite this, it is a good and convenient source of CBD that may complement an athlete’s lifestyle.

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R+R Medicinal’s Hemp Extract 1000mg

Best for Sleep and Anxiety

If you’re looking at the best CBD product for anxiety and stress, check out R+R Medicinal’s Hemp Extract 1000mg.

This supplement provides pure hemp oil extract at a good purity and a high strength. We’ve opted for an oil here, as it is a quick way to administer and feel the effects of the supplement. This might suit someone looking for fast relief from the feelings of stress and anxiety.

An oil may also be preferred as it can be taken at a serving size that suits the user. Often those who take CBD for anxiety adjust the amount they take in order to suit the severity of their condition at the time – an oil like this should give you flexibility.

This supplement also appears to be backed by third party testing and uses CO2 extraction, which is reassuring for purity.

What’s in R+R Hemp Extract?

Hemp extract – This formula offers an entourage effect which may help to increase the relaxation effects of the CBD according to a recent study [6]. It’s also been shown that CBD can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety in almost 80% of participants after a month [7]. The same study found it improved sleep in 67% of individuals.

Note: Research surrounding CBD is limited at this time and more research is needed. However, the results do look promising and there are a huge number of people online claiming that supplementation with CBD has helped them with their conditions.Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 ML (40 Drops) Serving Per Container: 30Amount Per Serving: %DV*Hemp CBD PowderCalories: 8kcal Calories from fat 8kcal Total fat: 1g 2%Hemp Extract: 33.33mg***% Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. ** Daily value not establishedOther ingredients: MCT Oil from Coconut, Natural Mint Flavoring, Sunflower Oil

How to take R+R Hemp Extract

As an oil, R+R Hemp Extract comes in a tincture. They recommend you fill it and take that as one serving, which gives you around 40 drops and 33.33mg of the extract.

Place the drops under the tongue and hold in place for around a minute or two.

They suggest being as consistent as possible and taking it once or twice a day depending on the severity of your condition.

This approach to taking the supplement may be most suitable for people with anxiety, as it allows you to feel the effects of the cannabinoids quickly. You should be able to benefit from using the supplement around 15 minutes after taking it.

R+R Hemp Extract Price

One 30ml bottle of 1000mg Hemp Extract: $44.99

Note: There are potencies of this supplement. A 500mg option may offer a more diluted option if you’re starting new to CBD.

This is at the upper end of the spectrum in terms of cost; however this supplement also offers a higher amount of hemp extract than many others we’ve seen.

What are people saying about R+R Hemp Extract

This is a well-established product in the world of CBD supplements, and comes with plenty of reviews and testimonials.

We found some reviews on Amazon.com where customers appear to have had very positive results from taking it.


  1. High CBD content

  2. Third-party tested

  3. Co2 extracted

  4. Good reviews for anxiety and stress


  1. Expensive


This is a high-quality product that offers a very strong serving of CBD.

It’s easy to administer and is backed by a large number of positive reviews online from a number of different sources, which is one of the reasons we picked it for the best CBD oil product.

It’s also third-party tested and uses CO2 extraction which is generally good practice for a CBD manufacturer.

Although research into the effects of CBD is currently limited, the experiences of those who’ve taken it are reassuring and also shows how popular the supplement is.

The drawback with this supplement may be the price. However, based on what we found when we reviewed R+R Hemp Extract, we think it may be worth the additional spend.

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CBD Daily Intensive Cream

Best Cream or Balm

Our favorite option for best cream or balm is CBD Daily Intensive Cream.

It contains 60mg of CBD in each pot, which is combined with widely used essential oils that should make it easy to massage in. This allows you to apply CBD directly to the areas of inflammation.

While cannabidiol has been shown to reduce inflammation within research, there is limited information around a cream and its effectiveness.

However, these types of products are very popular, and many people claim it helps to reduce pain and inflammation when they use it.

This product is third-party tested and completely natural, so this may be a sound choice if you’re concerned about using chemical-based skin products.

What’s in CBD Daily Intensive Cream?

Hemp Extract (60mg CBD overall) – CBD has been shown to help relieve the impact of inflammation in a variety of studies [8] and has been proposed as a potential component of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Essential Oils (Including Shea Butter, Aloe and Lavender) – These are all widely used in the cosmetics industry and are popular in creams and moisturizers.

Note: The research around CBD and inflammation appears to be promising. However, there is not yet any evidence supporting its effects when directly massaged into the problem area.Supplement Facts

IngredientAmount Per ServingCBD60mg*Hemp Seed OilLavender, Niaouli, Pine, and Cedarwood OilsPeppermint OilJojoba OilAloe, Cucumber, Rose Hip, Lemongrass ExtractsShea Butter Oil*No nutritional value

How to use CBD Daily Intensive Cream

The manufacturers suggest you take a small amount and massage it into the skin on and around the affected area.

As you massage it in, bear in mind that it may take longer for you to feel the relaxing effects of the CBD, as it will have to absorb through the skin to reach the affected area.

You should massage the cream directly into the skin 3-5 times a day.

CBD Daily Intensive Cream Price

One 1.7oz container costs: $22.99

What are people saying about CBD Daily Intensive Cream?

Generally, this CBD appears to be well received by those who took it. Overall, customers appeared to find it effective at relieving pain. It also seems to be liked as a cream, with many claiming the like the smell and feel of the product.

However, while it is popular with many, we did note some didn’t like the smell.


  1. Contains good CBD levels

  2. No THC

  3. Third-party tested

  4. Completely natural

  5. Vegan and cruelty free


  1. Not completely backed by research


It is clear that this is one of the best CBD cream products out there.

It’s good CBD content, coupled with a completely natural, vegan formula may make it a good choice for many who’re concerned about finding a more organic approach to skin care and potential pain relief.

It’s also a third-party tested product which gives us some reassurance about the quality of the cannabidiol used in CBD Daily Intensive Cream.

Our main concern with creams in general, is that they are not proven to work, although many claim they can feel the effects. Without scientific backing, we cannot say or guarantee the effectiveness at this point.

Having said that, this is likely to be one of the best CBD products you’ll find for quality.

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Tacanna Pure Hemp Gummies

Best Edibles

After review, we found that Pure Hemp from Tacanna was our favorite edible CBD product.

Many people consider taking a gummy sweet rather than using a tincture or a capsule a more convenient way to include CBD in their diet.

They can easily be taken like a sweet throughout the day, and they’re often sweet and flavored, as many people don’t like the taste that comes with taking the oil.

We found Pure Hemp offered a good level of hemp oil in their gummies without any THC. After looking at reviews, we found a lot of people claimed it offered all the benefits you’d expect from a CBD supplement, as well as tasting good and being easy to consume.

It’s also combined with a number of multivitamins which may help to support general health and wellbeing.

What’s in Tacanna Pure Hemp?

Hemp Oil (51mg) – This is a good portion for a two-gummy serving. It should help to offer all the benefits we’ve previously mentioned – including anxiety relief, reduced inflammation and pain management.

Vitamin C – This is a strong antioxidant that can shore up your body’s immune system [9]. The 150% RDA may help to support your general health.

Vitamin B6 – This vitamin is key to a huge selection of metabolic processes [10] and keeps your internal functions working efficiently.

Note: There are more vitamins and minerals included in this supplement and, while they may be beneficial to health, they’re not offered at high enough servings. Overall, we don’t think they’re completely necessary, but as they don’t detract from the CBD content, we don’t dislike their place in the formula.Supplement Facts Serving size: 2 Gummies Servings per container: 45IngredientAmount Per Serving%DVCalories21.2Total Carbohydrates Sugars5.2g1*Vitamin A (100% Beta-Carotene)370 IU7Vitamin C90mg150Niacin12mg60Vitamin B62.2mg110Folic Acid300mcg75Vitamin B121.2mcg20Biotin12mcg4Pantothenic Acid2.6mg26Zinc1mg7Hemp Oil51mg**Daily value not established. Percent based on 2,000 calorie diet.

How to use Pure Hemp Gummies

The manufacturers suggest you take two gummies a day and chew thoroughly before swallowing.

As these are edibles, they are processed through the digestive tract, so may take more time for the effects of the CBD to take place. You should begin to feel the results around 30 minutes to an hour after taking them.

Depending on your tolerance to CBD and how much you feel you need, you may decide to take more gummies.

Pure Hemp Gummies Price

One container of 90 gummies: $19.95

What are people saying about Pure Hemp Gummies?

This product appears to have been around for a while and generally boasts positive reviews online.

Customers seem happy with the effects of the CBD within the supplement, and with the flavor and ease of taking it.


  1. Good CBD content

  2. Review claim they taste good

  3. No THC

  4. Additional vitamins

  5. Positive reviews

  6. Reasonable price


  1. Slow acting


If you are considering taking a gummy over an oil or capsule, then it’s worth taking a look Pure Hemp from Tacanna.

Whilst containing a strong amount of hemp oil, they also appear to offer a good flavor, which should suit anyone who doesn’t like using a tincture.

The formula combines the benefits of CBD with vitamins and minerals that may help to promote well-being.

The reviews of this edible are very positive, and many appear to feel the effects you’d expect to feel from a CBD supplement.

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Final Word

Hopefully, with this guide to the best CBD products for men, you have everything you need to navigate your way through this new and exciting area of dietary supplementation.

We’ve identified four high-quality options that should deliver the result you’re looking for from CBD.

Here’s a round up of the best CBD products for men:

  1. ShredCBD – Best for Athletes

  2. R+R Hemp Extract Oil – Best for Sleep and Anxiety

  3. CBD Daily Intensive Cream – Best Cream or Balm

  4. Pure Hemp Gummies – Best Edibles

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