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  • Jack Wilson

Become gym confident & maximize your workouts

That time of year is approaching where you’re beginning to think about new years resolutions and this year you vow to put yourself first. The rush of increasing gym membership purchases of people ready to kick start new habits is fast approaching but what statistics show is that at least 70% of people will either cancel or stop using those memberships a month later.

Why is this?

Do people forget about what they started out to accomplish? Did they discover that they don’t have enough time?

Maybe those are the reasons but astonishingly the most popular reason why those goals don’t get achieved is because new gym members get discouraged or intimidated by all the equipment and options and therefore don’t utilize the gym to it’f full potential. Most times leaving the gym feeling unaccomplished and forfeit because they don’t feel like their efforts are producing results.

Super common, don’t worry! I’m going to share some starter tips to get you off on the right foot this coming year!

Hitting the gym doesn’t have to be complicated, although I know it looks it. It actually becomes quite fun and easy to keep up with your routine when you walk in and just know what to do to allow yourself to get in and get out feeling accomplished.

Strength Training

First and foremost, you’ll want to make your way over to those weights if you’re looking to tone and lose weight. You’re likely thinking that this way of training is for men. You’re not looking to “get bulky” right? I’m here to tell you that you most definitely won’t get bulky. It’s impossible for us as women to bulk like men do without precise nutrition and many male hormone supplements so don’t worry about that.

Choose a comfortable weight. Not too light and not too heavy. I’ll talk more about how to lift the weight and what repetitions are as we move forward below.

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Repetition Sequence

Okay, now that you’re at the weight section and you’ve selected a comfortable weight size, what do you do with them? Well I like to divide the body in half. One day I’ll focus on all upper body muscles and the next day I’ll focus on all lower body muscles. You can train abs each session. You can achieve great results simply just working out four days a week.

Do you know what a repetition is? It’s basically how many time you lift the weight. For example, say you’re doing bicep curls and you lift the weight 5 times. You’ve just performed repetitions, 5 reps to be exact.

I always, always use a repetition sequence of 12-10-8. What this means is that I slowly and controlled lift my weight 12 times (12 reps) then take a 30 second break, lift my weight 10 times (10 reps) take a 30 second break and then for a final round, lift my weight 8 times (8 reps) before completing the exercise and moving onto the next. Make sense?

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Movement Speed

This is an important one, not just to maximize your workout but to prevent injury as well. When I talk about movement speed, it means how you’re going to lift the weight or perform the exercise. Remember, it is not a race, slow and controlled is the way to do it. I don’t want you to quickly slug that weight up and down, that’s doing nothing for you or your muscles.

The key is to engage the muscles you’re working on. Let’s take the bicep curl again and use it as an example. You’re going to want to slowly lift the weight to a count of one, two, three and then slowly lower it back down to a count of one, two, three. Feel the muscle contract and feel it extend.

You’ll want to keep movement speed in mind when performing any exercise for maximum benefits.

Strength Machines

Lastly, we will touch on the machines you see that make up the majority of the gym setting. I know these machines look intimidating but they are actually quite easy to use, you just have to muster up the courage to go over and try them out. Most are fool proof as they come with instructions right on them and are made to support proper form. All gyms have amazing staff that are more than willing to show you how to get started on them.

When using the machines, you’re going to want to use the repetition sequences and movement speed that we just talked about and you’re well on your way!

Once you get onto them you’re going to look back at that time when you were so intimidated by them and wonder why it took you so long to try. They are quite easy to learn.

One thing to keep in mind is resistance. When training your muscles to lose weight and get that sought after toned looked, resistance is key. It’s what challenges your muscles. So while using the machines, make sure not to break the resistance or let the weight “rest” while completing your repetitions. I’ll explain more in the video below.

Now, get excited and think of working out as practicing, because each time you exercise you are getting stronger and more confident and soon you’ll look back at how far you’ve come.

Let’s crush those goals!

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