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  • Jack Wilson

7 Old School Exercises for Mad Gains

We often see more new diets and training routines as well as people who try to convince us that their methods are better than somebody else’s. It’s great when we try something new and that actually works, but let’s be honest, more often than not, we become disappointed.

So, if you’re sick of trying something that will only maybe work, then trying what’s been time-tested by professionals might be more beneficial than needlessly wasting time on things that don’t give results.

Old School Exercises That Give Serious Results

1. Cross-Chest Dumbbells Triceps Extensions

This is one of the most forgotten exercises for triceps. While it might not be as convenient as other triceps exercises because you can perform it only with one arm at a time, it’s really beneficial to your tricep development as it fully allows you to concentrate on just one arm at a time.

Start by lying down on a bench and holding a dumbbell in one hand. If you’re starting with your right arm, lower the dumbbell to the left side of your face by bending at the elbow. The dumbbell should more or less be next to your ear. Then, raise the dumbbell up to the starting position.

2. Wide Grip Pull-Ups

Nowadays, lat pulldowns became much more popular than before. And this is great because lat pulldowns are really effective when you need to target your back. However, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about one of the best bodyweight exercises — wide grip pull-ups.

This exercise will not only hit your back and help you practice with your own bodyweight but also train your biceps, forearms, and core. So, there is no reason to avoid doing this exercise.

3. T-Bar Rows

If you’re looking for something that would allow you to feel a good stretch in your lats, then try doing T-bar rows. They are great when you need to develop a mind-muscle connection and give some additional work to your lats and biceps.

4. Forearm Rollers

There aren’t many exercises for the forearms, so it might sometimes be difficult to train them. One exercise that seems to have faded from most gyms are the forearm rollers.

To perform this exercise, you need to find a broomstick or a metal pipe and make a hole through it.

Tie a rope to it and tie some weight to the other end. After making this roller, roll the rope up by using your wrists while keeping your arms extended.

5. Sissy Squats

Perform sissy squats by using one arm to hold onto something that would stop you from falling. Squat down while leaning your torso back to put all the work on your quads. Also, keep your hips forward as you do it.

If doing this without weights is too easy, then hold a plate against your chest using your free arm.

6. One-Arm Dumbbell Row

While this exercise is still quite popular, many people don’t get the effectiveness it provides. To make this exercise as effective as you can, avoid using weights tat are too heavy. The most important thing is to make sure you feel a stretch at the bottom and the good contraction in the lats at the top of the movement.

7. Otis-Ups

Lie down on the floor and hold a weight in your hands. It can be a dumbbell, plate, kettlebell, or anything else that weighs a lot. Keep your legs in the same position as you do while performing sit-ups.

Move your upper body closer to your legs and use your arms to push the weight off your torso up in front of you. Move your upper body close to the floor and use your arms to move the weight close to your chest again.

See the video about Arnold Schwarzenegger trained for mass below

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