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  • Jack Wilson

7 Best Health Food Restaurants in Denver, CO

Finding the best healthy restaurants in Denver is a challenge only because there’s always new competition to consider. We see the solution to this “dilemma” is to try them all! Although everyone has their go-to spot, we wanted to share a few of our favorite health food spots around the city.  

Complement your next trip to the gym with exploring one of the many health food restaurants Denver diners favor. Fuel yourself with good food that will both energize you and leave you feeling full.

The Corner Beet

This vegetarian restaurant is among one of the best healthy restaurants Denver has to offer. It uses 100% organic produce and makes a name for itself by creating a wide variety of salads and toasts. The continued favorite, avocado toast, is on the menu.

However, unique varieties like the House option with softened beets whipped into honey and butter, the West made with whipped goat cheese and mixed housemade berry jam, and a vegan interpretation of a Banh Mi will make anyone want to switch to something new. Who knew healthy toppings on toast could taste so good (in so many ways)?

Vital Root

Vital Root gives healthy, Denver diners a chance to grab and go or stay a while for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Miso Ramen and Sunflower Risotto are standard choices for those wanting a healthful, fulfilling meal. However, it’s possible the happy hour is what keeps people coming back for more.

On Tuesdays-Sundays from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM, the restaurant offers $2 Banh Mi or Avocado Tacos and $3 Cauliflower Ceviche or Korean BBQ Veggie Wings, in addition to discount deals on beer, wine, and juice of the day.

City, O’ City

Fans of this artist-centric space appreciate the plant-based menu, including those who aren’t even vegetarian. That’s because the City, O’City menu has options like the BBQ Bowl made with BBQ tofu topped with mac ‘n’ cheese and the City, O’ Burger made from a quinoa and pinto bean patty. The combination of ingredients is enough to be filling while keeping the carnivores from missing the meat.

True Food Kitchen

On the flip side, healthy eating doesn’t have to mean plant-based only. True Food Kitchen is famous in multiple cities for its fresh produce and protein options. They have salads, pizzas, and sandwiches to satisfy any appetite, but their entrees are what is most crave-worthy. With tasty, seasonal fare like Moroccan Chicken and Lasagna Bolognese made with chicken fennel sausage, what’s not to love about eating healthy?


Looking for a quick and wholesome breakfast where you can BYOB? Look no further than Prosperoats where the second “B” stands for a bowl; a bowl of oatmeal, yogurt, acai, or mixed greens. Choose from their list of sweet and savory toppings, or go for one of the already created combinations like the Peach Cobbler or Caveman. After a good workout, delicious and nutritious sounds like the perfect combo to us.

Native Foods

Try a twist on bar food favorites, such as nachos and chicken wings, by swapping in ingredients like Native chicken (made from non-GMO soy, wheat, and pea protein) and cashew cheese at Native Foods. If you want more than shareable snacks, go for the Baja Tacos, Meatball Sub, or the Chicken Run Ranch – all are dinner favorites. As a bonus, there are also cupcakes and oatmeal creme pie treats available as a sweet ending to your meal.

Beet Box Bakery & Cafe

Vegans delight is in the options available at Beet Box Bakery & Cafe. They serve up several tasty sandwiches, just the right serving size for lunch or a lighter dinner. Try the Tofu Banh Mi or Cremini Panini, two of the most delicious options on the menu. Each sandwich comes with a choice of mint-quinoa salad, spicy black bean salad, mixed greens, Kettle chips, apple slices, or orange slices. The cafe prides itself on “transforming raw ingredients into daily delights.” Based on the menu, we’re sure your stomach will surely be happy.

There is an increasing number of restaurants in Denver that cater to a healthier lifestyle. From the variety available, you never have to go far to make healthy choices when dining out. It is possible for meals to be both nutritious and delicious. Try a few eateries from our list and see if any become new favorites.