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  • Jack Wilson

5 Tricep Exercises to Help You Bust Through Your Bench Plateau

One of the major powerlifting moves, the bench press is definitely one of the major exercises that people like to use to gauge their strength. People usually estimate the strength of an individual by considering the one rep max on the bench. Here we will explain to you how to increase your bench press. People usually do bench presses to get stronger in it or to develop a bigger chest. Most people have no idea how getting big triceps can actually aid them in getting their bench max up.

Here are some of the exercises you can perform which will help you in getting bigger and stronger triceps and also let you have a heavier bench:

1. Weighted Dips

Originally a compound movement, tricep dips are literally one of the best exercises around for building triceps. One of the things you need to take care of here is proper form.

Changing the form on the dips dictates what muscles you are using. One form would work the triceps in which you are only focusing on going up and down. Here, the core is supposed to be kept loose. In the other form, a lot of chest work takes place. So you need to take care while performing this exercise and focus on relaxing your core so that you don’t tilt your upper body to the point where the chest comes into play.

2. Floor Press

This exercise will help you in having a great bench press lockout. All you need to do is to lie on the floor and use large enough plates (45-pound plates) so that the bar stays above your chest and not touching it. The movement associated here is just a partial movement of the bench press which takes place just before the lockout. One thing you need to take care of here is that the movement has to be a controlled motion and to go slow on the negatives.

3. Incline Bar Close-Grip Bench Press

The important thing to take care of here is that when you lower the bar, the elbows have to be bent like in the skull crushers rather than just lowering the bar with elbows out. Doing this will put more emphasis on the triceps. This exercise is one of the best methods to improve the bench press max, especially the incline bench press max. Aim to perform low reps and heavy weights on this exercise.

4. EZ Bar Bench

Performing the bench press with an EZ bar is a great way to focus mainly on the triceps as the grip should be very stable and comfortable to use so you can think about going heavy on this exercise as compared to others. As in the incline bar close-grip bench press, it is advisable to go heavy on this as well. The optimal rep range will be around one to three reps. Here is the tutorial video:

5. Dicks Press

You may be hearing this exercise for the first time in your lifting life but this will really help you go heavier on the bench press, especially if you have hit a plateau. This exercise was popularized by Paul Dicks, one of the best bench pressers of all time. The Dicks Press allows you to use a much heavier weight than a traditional skull crusher. Here is a tutorial video explaining how to perform the Dicks Press:

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