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5 Best Muscle Building Tips from Dwayne Johnson

From a full-time wrestler at WWE to becoming a world renowned celebrity, Dwayne Johnson has vanquished everything he’s gone through. His appearance as Agent Luke Hobbs in the Fast and Furious series has earned him even more respect and fan following. But other than that, people who go to the gym have this desperate desire to become like The Rock and get massive gains.

Well, you surely need to work your ass off to become a physique to rival that of Johnson, and achieving the charismatic confidence he has in his personality seems impossible, but here are 5 muscle building tips that the rock himself has given to his fans.

Muscle Building Tips from Dwayne Johnson

1. Target > Improvement

The first tip from The Rock is to keep moving forward, no matter how slow you go. You have to push your body beyond its limit to achieve something that many people just dream of. Never aim for maintenance, always look for improvement. Johnson says, “I always push myself hard at workouts to progress and not to maintain.”

If you’ve reaches a fitness level, instead of just maintaining it, you should improve by challenging your physical demands. If you feel your workout becoming easy, increase the weight and be cruel with your body, but don’t try to injure yourself.

To increase your gains, you should focus on nutrition and increase the weight at the gym. Stick to four sets each of 6-12 reps and choose a weight that’ll force the failure at sixth or seventh rep. After about 4-6 weeks, you’ll be easily doing 10-12 reps with the same weight. It’s time to increase it again to reach failure at rep six or seven.

2. Listen to What Your Body Says

Training yourself hard and making your muscles scream during and after a workout is good but you shouldn’t ignore the warning signs your body gives you, or else you’ll never be able to earn those gains.

Johnson says, “When I was a youngster, I remember I used to put in a lot of weight on squat, bench press and simply ignore the pain. Nowadays, when your body is trying to speak to you, you must listen to it.”

One is failure, the other is pain. When your body is under pain, it’s telling you to stop now. It’s a clear indication that going any further will result in a severe injury.

3. Age is Just a number

The age of 40 or 50 years old may seem like dead or buried but Johnson says that “Your muscles are just getting started by then.”

“During your thirties, your muscles are fully mature and the muscle memory is improved. You’ll be able to achieve some incredible gains”, says The Rock.

Your champ, Dwayne Johnson, even at 44 years of age is living proof that age is just a number and how during this period you are able to get massive gains. During this age, your body has a great deal of strength and potential for growth that needs a little kick to burst and the only way to do so is to hit the gym.

Of course, during this age your bones and joint are vulnerable. So, you should develop a healthy workout routine.

4. Pedal to the Metal

“Go full hardcore, balls to the wall at the gym and leave it all there when you step out,” says Johnson. This gets even more important if you have limited time. Make every rep count at the gym.

You should set your workout goals first before paying your subscription at the gym. A study published in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology tells that people who have specific goals are more likely to commit to and work harder as compared to those who don’t.

Always develop long-term goals. There is no short-term game at the gym. The truth here is that it takes enough time and hard work to get those cuts.

5. Wanna Cheat? Cheat Big

The Rock says, “On my cheat days, I used to go full crazy eating pizza, brownies, pancakes and whatever, as much as I could eat and still felt absolutely okay.”

That doesn’t mean that you should go insane on your cheat days. Remember, if Johnson has bigger cheat days, his workouts are beyond your imagination. However, there must a cheat day twice or three times a month as different studies show that high caloric meals increase the production of leptin in the body that regulates energy balance by hindering your hunger and increasing the metabolic rate for 24 hours.

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