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  • Jack Wilson

4 Things You Need to Know to Perform 100 Push-Ups

Many guys like to brag about how much they can bench press or deadlift. However, how often do you hear about how much push-ups someone can do? If your answer is “rarely,” then it’s not a surprise as push-ups aren’t as popular as they were in the days of your grandpa.

While weightlifting exercises are more popular today than body weight exercises, it doesn’t mean body weight exercises are useless or should be excluded. These exercises can help you increase your flexibility, endurance, and even strengthen and grow your muscles by hitting them from multiple angles.

So, learning how to perform more push-ups is a great way to enjoy these benefits. Some of the most important things you need to know in order to do more push-ups are below.

1. Lose Body Fat

If you’re serious about being able to do 100 push-ups, you should start by losing the excess body fat, that is if you have too much of it. If you’re a male and your body fat percentage is less than 10%, then you should go to the second point. If you’re a female and your body fat percentage is less than 20%, you should also move to the second point.

But if your body fat percentage is higher than the above-mentioned numbers, you should decrease the amount of body fat you have. This can be done by burning more calories per day than you consume. One of the easiest ways to do so is by decreasing your caloric intake and by burning additional calories while exercising.

So, if you eat too much, you should decrease the amount of food you consume or eat foods that contain fewer calories. At the same time, you can perform cardio sessions or HIIT as both of them are effective at burning excess body fat while maintaining your muscle mass.

2. Fix Your Diet

Without repeating that it’s important to consume fewer calories if you’re burning body fat, you should also include more healthy foods in your diet. While it may seem that what you eat isn’t related to the number of push-ups you can perform, it is actually highly related.

After all, why do you think most bodybuilders eat healthy food? This is because healthy food is important to not only keep the body healthy but also to achieve greater training results.

So, make sure your diet provides you with plenty of nutrients. It’s much easier to achieve it if you buy high-quality foods and supplements. So, don’t be lazy and spend some time to find where to buy high-quality food products and consume more of them rather than easy junk foods.

3. Strengthen Your Chest and Biceps

Regular push-ups mostly hit the chest and biceps, so it’s important to strengthen these muscles to be able to perform more push-ups. You can grow your chest stronger by performing exercises such as dips, bench presses, incline bench presses, incline dumbbell pullovers, and similar exercises.

Hit your chest from multiple angles by performing a huge variety of exercises so that your chest could become as big and strong as it possibly can. The same goes with the biceps. Incorporate more biceps exercises like Zottman curls, EZ bar curls, incline hammer curls, and other less popular but effective biceps exercises.

Also, remember to constantly increase the intensity of your training by completing more reps, sets, using heavier weights, decreasing the amount of time you rest, and so on.

4. Get Used to Doing Many Push-Ups

The most important thing that can help you perform more push-ups is the ability to get used to doing a gangload of push-ups. While it sounds awkward, the truth is that the body gets used to doing the same exercise, so it becomes easier to do more reps.

You can do it by performing a so-called “push-ups” workout. This workout should consist entirely of regular push-ups and should be done separately from your regular training.

For faster results, complete this push-up workout five days per week and three to two times per day. Everything you need to do is simple; just do as many regular push-ups as you can without stopping and steadily increase the number of push-ups you can do until you perform 100 push-ups.

If you do your best, in shouldn’t take more than two months to perform 100 push-ups. Even if two months won’t be enough, you can still continue this training until you finally achieve this goal, so there is no reason not to do it.

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