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  • Jack Wilson

3 Reasons to Build the Step Walking Habit

Why should you build the 10,000 step habit?

A goal of 10,000 steps each day may sounds a bit intimidating. Is 10,000 steps really realistic for a daily goal? Why did fitness experts choose that number?

Let’s look at 3 reasons why 10,000 is a good goal to set.

Reason 1: It’s Challenging yet Doable

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and so you signed up for a gym membership? Sometimes we can over commit to action plans when we are motivated about a new change, and then don’t live up to them.

Walking is something we do every day anyway, it’s free and it’s easy. By increasing the amount we walk to a specific number like 10,000 steps, we are setting an objective goal that we are more likely to continuously meet. A vague idea to be healthier or “walk more” is much easier to write off. You set the goal and you either do it, or you don’t.

The amount of precisely 10,000 steps is enough to challenge yourself, while being a realistic target to reach each day.

Reason #2: Step walking is adaptable.

With walking, there are no weights, no machines and no other people required. All you need is a pedometer to count your steps and some shoes. From there, you just get up and you go. We all walk each day and it doesn’t take much effort. The key is to be consistent by walking your 10,000 steps each day.

Walking with the aim of reaching a certain amount of steps is known as “step walking” and is used by a wide range of people. From people who normally have a low activity level, all the way to marathon runners. Just about anyone can do it to develop healthy fitness habits and help support other athletic activities.

Reason #3: Step walking is easy to do.

On average a semi-sedentary person walks an average of 3,000 steps each day. How do they increase their steps by more than 3 times that amount? One option is to set aside time to walk the extra steps all at once, maybe in the evening or morning. Another option is to break up the steps into smaller walks throughout the day, maybe on lunch break. It really just requires looking for new opportunities to incorporate walking into your lifestyle.

Walking is not a quick fix, cure everything and jump in a bikini tomorrow solution. However, it makes sense to include it as an ongoing part of your life to maintain a healthy and happy existence.

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